Introduction: How to Change Throttle Cable on Cr125/Dirt Bike

About: Student at Cal State LA

This throttle cable replacement was done to a Honda cr125 but the method used is the same for most dirt bikes. I feel like most owners should know how to do regular maintenance and this should help anyone who doesn't.

Step 1: Supplies

To complete this task you will need a few things

  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Phillips head screw driver
  • New throttle cable

Step 2: Throttle Housing

You want to start by using your Philips head screwdriver and removing the screws on your throttle housing next to your throttle. After removing the throttle housing cap you will want to remove the small white pulley by pulling it up.

**Important: Make sure not to lose any screws or parts**

Step 3: Removing Throttle Cable From Housing

Here is what it should look like with no housing or pulley. The video above shows you how to take the cable off the throttle tube. After taking the cable off the throttle tube you could pull cable out the throttle housing.

Step 4: Locating Your Carburetor

You want to know where your carburetor is located to begin the process of removing the other side of the throttle cable. Make sure to have your gas off so gasoline won't get everywhere when you take off the carburetor.

Step 5: Removing Clamps and the Gas Line

You want to start by using your flat head screw driver and loosening the hose clamp going from the gas tank to the carburetor. You then want to use your Philips head screwdriver to also loosen up the clamps on both sides of the carburetor.

Step 6: The Carburetor

It will be tight when removing the carburetor but it is possible. You have to wiggle it out slowly without breaking or tearing anything. After, the carburetor is out you want to release the throttle slide by loosening the cap at the top of the carburetor. The carburetor will have some gas in it so make sure to place it over an old rag to collect all the gas.

Step 7: The Throttle Slider

You will be left with the slider after taking off the carburetor, to unhook the cable from the slider you simply hold the slider, push the cable down and pull to the side. Make sure not to lose the spring, slider, and carburetor cap.

**A video demonstration will be linked above.**

Step 8: Compare the New and Old Throttle Cables

You want to make sure that your new and old part are the same to have an exact fit. Check the length of the cable and also both sides. Then reroute your throttle cable how it was before.

Step 9: Putting Throttle Slider Back Together

You first want to start by putting on the carburetor cap, then the spring, and finally you hook the end of the cable back onto the slider.

**Example of hooking slider and cable together is located above**

Step 10: The Carburetor Pt.2

When you have the throttle cable and slider back together, you will put the carburetor back to how it was. Start by putting the throttle slider back in and closing the cap. Then you put the carburetor back into it's spot and tighten all the clamps including the gas clamp.

Step 11: Assembling Throttle Housing

Start by putting the cable through the housing and hooking the end of the throttle cable to the throttle. You then want to insert your pulley and close the throttle housing by using your Philips head screwdriver.

Step 12: You're Finished !!!

You are now all done and have installed your throttle cable on your dirt bike. The throttle should feel smooth and I would suggest warming up your bike and taking it out for a ride to try out the throttle.

Hope this helps and if you have any other questions on dirt bikes and their maintenance feel free to comment or message me.