Introduction: How to Change Transmission Fluid

Changing transmission fluid may seem like something simple hard to do. For the people that don’t know what changing your transmission fluid is. Transmission fluid is an essential part of your power train, it keeps your transmission lubricated along with keeping the transmission cool.

Step 1: Preparation

Before starting the changing process, one should have the right transmission gasket and have the recommended transmission fluid for the specified transmission. Next one will need access to sockets, socket wrenches and torque wrench. Now these essentials are what one will need to have before they start the changing process.

Step 2: Inspecting

When getting started the first step of the changing process is one will need to pop the vehicles hood and find the dipstick labeled transmission fluid. After one has found it one will need to pull it out, wipe it on a rag and/or a paper towel of their choosing. Then they will put the dipstick back into the hole where they have taken it out of, and take it back out right away. Once one has done that they should start to inspect the fluid on the dipstick. While inspecting it they should make sure it is not brown colored or have a burnt smell to it. If the transmission fluid has any of those concerns, then they are in need for a transmission fluid change.

Step 3: Disassembling

After checking the fluid, one is going to go underneath the vehicle and have find the transmission pan. There should be a bolt on the bottom of the pan, they will need to find the correct socket that fits onto the bolt then take the socket wrench and unscrew the bolt. Afterwards one will need to drain the fluid into a five-gallon bucket and/or something that will hold the fluid. Once the fluid is finished draining there will be about 20 bolts holding the transmission pan onto the transmission. Once one has got all the bolts undone the transmission pan should be able to come off.

Step 4: Changing Filter, Reassembly, and Adding Fluid

Now there should be a gasket on top of the pan and a filter inside the transmission. Remove the filter from the transmission then remove the gasket from the pan. One will apply the new filter and a new gasket to the pan. After that one is are going to reattach the transmission pan to the transmission by putting in the bolts, by hand. Then, take the torque wrench and torque to spec. When everything is attached begin adding transmission fluid, add a few quarts at a time until the dipstick says it is full.

Step 5: Checking for Leaks

In addition to the finishing touches is done one is going to start up the vehicle, put in the parking brake and go through all of the gears then leaving it in neutral, one will check the transmission fluid one more time to see if it is full while it is in neutral then go underneath the transmission pan and check for leaks. Now that is how to change a transmission fluid.