Introduction: How to Change Your M.2 SSD for Acer Aspire E5-576


  • Laptop
  • New M.2 SSD
  • A small Philips head screwdriver

Step 1: Disassemble the Laptop

To begin you flip the laptop to the bottom side then you will see an outline of a small L then you will see three small screws you will unscrew them. After, you will see a small little tab at the top right which you can use to pull off the tab.

Step 2: Removing Old SSD

Now you will see the SSD to the left and the ram sticks to the right so now you will go to the SSD and then see a small screw holding it down. So you will unscrew that screw and with your other hand use one finger to gently hold it down in place to remove the screw then after the screw is out take off your finger.

In the second photo your SSD should go up like that when it is in that position you can now pull it out slowly and you have now removed it.

Step 3: Installing New SSD

Now you begin to unbox the new SSD and once you take it out put your old SSD in there so you don't misplace the old SSD and lose it. When inserting your new SSD put it at an angle like before when you were ejecting it have it in that same position reference to the 4th photo. Finally, you can push it down slowly and with the screw that we took from it we use it to mount it down so it is secure.

Step 4: Putting Everything Back Together

You can new reassemble the laptop so first grab the tab and place it like the first photo then lay it flat and push it down with some force so it can lock into place you will hear cracks but your not breaking it your fine. Lastly, you will use the three screws to now secure the whole plate together to hold it down and your finished.