Introduction: How to Change Your Oil

First things first, please make sure you are using the correct oil for your vehicle and the correct amount of oil before you run to the auto parts store, consult your owners manual for the for the correct amount of oil and type. You will also need an oil filter and an oil filter wrench. This will take you some time to do. So free up your time for about an hour, hour and a half before proceeding.

Step 1: Tools and Equipment

First you need are a good set of wrenches as well as a oil drain pan, and some rags to clean up the mess. First step is to drain all of your oil out of your vehicle. You do this by locating your drain plug which is located under your vehicle.

Step 2: Draining Your Oil

Put your oil pan under the car where your oil is going to drain
from.Unscrew this plug and make sure you keep the little gasket that is on the plug when you take it out. You will need this later.

When all of your oil is out of the car you will need to put back the drain plug . This is when you need the gasket that was on the bolt, this holds the oil inside your vehicle. Screw that back in but not to tight. Please wipe up excess oil around the oil drain plug and any oil that spilled or splashed.

Step 3: The Oil Filter

Next step is taking your old filter off and putting your new filter on. You will need a oil filter wrench to take of the oil filter. Slowly take off the oil filter and pour the rest of the oil that is in the filter in the oil pan. Make sure when you are putting back the new filter you put a little bit of your new oil around the gasket that on the oil filter and screw that in until it is hand tight and that is as tight as you need it. Please wipe up the excess oil around the filter and filter housing.

Step 4: Putting the New Oil in Your Car.

Next you need to put your brand new oil inside of your car . Open up the hood and locate your oil cap. Which is located usually on top of your valve cover. You will need to remove this and then put in your funnel and begin to pour your new oil in. Please make sure that you fill up the correct amount of oil. Wipe up the oil around your valve cover . Once the car is filled with oil put the oil cap back on until it clicks.

Step 5: Checking Your Oil

Once you put back the oil cap start up your engine and let it run through out the engine. After that let your engine cool for about 5 minutes . Then check your oil from the dipstick and make sure the oil level is at the correct amount.

Step 6: You Are Done!

You just completed changing your oil and saved yourself 50$ to 75$ . Congratulations!

Here is a link to a full video on how to change your oil step by step.