How to Change Your Oil




Introduction: How to Change Your Oil

Changing oil can be an extremely easy task that many people don't do for themselves. They tend to take their cars to the shop and pay someone to do something that anyone with a couple of tools can do.

Step 1: Getting Supplies

One of the first steps is to get all of the supplies needed to complete the job. The supplies needed depends on the type of vehicle you drive. One of the supplies is an oil filter but make sure to get the right one by going to any auto parts store and telling someone what type of vehicle it's for. Another thing needed is oil, ask for help by telling the auto parts store worker what vehicle its for and use what they recommend.

Step 2: Jack Up the Car

The next step is to take a car jack and lift up the front end of the car. Look into the owner's manual for the proper points to put the jack to safely lift the car. Once the car is off of the ground put blocks in front of and behind the wheels that are left on the ground so that the car will not roll away when anyone is under it.

Step 3: Drain Oil

Now that the car is safely in the air it is time to locate the oil pan and take the drain plug out. The oil pan is on the bottom of the engine and has a flat bottom with a bolt coming out of the bottom corner of it. When the oil pan is located take a wrench and take the drain plug out of the oil pan and drain the oil into an oil recovery pan.

Step 4: Replace the Drain Plug

When the oil has stopped coming out of the oil pan it is time to put the drain plug back into the oil pan. Remember to make sure to tighten the drain plug so that it will not rattle loose down the road from all the bumps on the road.

Step 5: Remove the Old Oil Filter

Once the oil is drained from the oil pan it is time to find the oil filter and replace it. Look for something that looks like a soup can that could be anywhere on the motor. Once it is located loosen it by hand or with a filter wrench if needed. A word of caution when removing the old oil filter, there will be some oil that will come out so be ready to get your hands dirty and have the oil recovery pan ready to catch the extra oil.

Step 6: Put on New Oil Filter

Then find the new oil filter and take some of the old used oil and rub some of it on the rubber seal so that it will loosen more easily the next time that the oil is changed. Once that is done put the new oil filter on and make sure that it is snug but not too tight as that will make it harder to remove the next time the oil is changed.

Step 7: Add Oil to the Vehicle

The next step is to take off the oil reservoir cap and add the new oil. When adding oil don't dump everything into the reservoir at once but do it gradually while checking the dipstick to see where the oil level is at. Once the oil level is at the full mark start the car and let it run for a couple of seconds and shit it off, this allows the oil filter to fill up with oil. After the car is shut off check the oil levels again and add oil accordingly.

Step 8: Let the Car Off the Jack

When all of the above steps are completed let the car off of the jack and take the blocks out from under the tires. Your now done changing oil but remember to check back often to make sure your oil levels remain the same.

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    I have saved so much money since I started changing my own oil. It really is worth doing.