How to Change a Bicycle Tube

Introduction: How to Change a Bicycle Tube

Special skills needed:

In order to complete this DYI you will need to be mechanically inclined and should have a back round knowledge about bicycles.

Tools needed:

you will need a 15mm socket, and a half inch ratchet and extension. Along with a bicycle pump, air compressor etc.. something to inflate tires.

Step 1: Taking Off the Tire

loosen off the two nuts holding your rim on your axel (lefty loosy, righty tighty).

Step 2: Deflating Tire

Remove your air valve cap and deflate all air out of the tire by pressing the pin in in the center of your valve. You only need to do this if your tire has air in it.

Step 3: Getting Inside Your Tire

Pull over one wall of your tire (where tire meets rim) over the rim. Now you have access to the tube, remove tube by simply pulling it out.

Step 4: Prepping Your Tube

When you purchase a new tube it will come in a box with all the air compressed out of it. Inflate it just enough to hold its shape, this prevents your tube from twisting, bulging or getting pinched when it comes time to inflate the tire fully.

Step 5: Installing Your New Tube

Pull out on the wall you've separated from the rim, insert your valve stem in the hole on the outer radius of your rim. Now push your tube in evenly along the circumference of the rim, making sure its all tucked under your tire. Now start on one end of your rim, tuck the bead of your tire back in the rim.

Step 6: Inflating Your Tire

Once you've got your new tube in, your tire back together, center your valve stem to the center radius of your rim and your now ready to put some air in your tire! Use a bicycle pump to inflate your tire to the recommended PSI written along a wall of your tire.

Step 7: Assembling Your Wheel Back Onto the Bike

Now we've completely changed our tube and have our tire all put back together it's time to mount it back on your bike. Center your rim to the middle of your forks, now tighten each bolt as tight as you can.

Step 8: Your All Ready to Ride!

Thanks for watching!

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