Introduction: How to Change a Disposable Baby Diaper

This instruction set will explain how to change a disposable baby diaper. By the end of this instruction set, you will have gained the skills and knowledge to adequately change a diaper. No prior training is needed to complete this task.

We are aware that your baby may be wearing clothing, but the focus of this instruction set is solely the changing of the diaper, not removal of clothing. For the sake of simplicity, we assume at the start that the baby is unclothed and only wearing a diaper that needs changing.

Materials needed:

  • A baby not yet potty-trained
  • Package of disposable diapers that are the size for your baby
  • Disposable wipes, use as many as needed
  • Soft rectangular blanket, standard size 36” x 16” x 4”
  • Latex gloves (optional depending on user -preference)
  • Trash container to dispose of soiled diaper
  • Sink with running water
  • Soap to wash hands

Price of Materials:

  • Package of disposable diapers will vary in price depending on size and brand. For this instruction set, we purchased Parent's Choice pack of 20 diapers for $5
  • Package of disposable wipes (as pictured in step 6) cost $4.95
  • Baby blanket prices can range from $15-$45 depending on brand and quality of material
  • Box of latex gloves costs around $5


  • Diaper changing can be stinky and messy; you might want to wear gloves if needed.
  • Baby-changing area should not be anywhere near food preparation spaces in order to avoid contamination.
  • The area should be clean and quiet.
  • Disposable diapers pose a threat to the environment as they create a lot waste

Time needed to complete:

  • Approximately 3-5 minutes

Step 1: Unfold Blanket Onto Carpeted Ground, So That Blanket Is Laying Flat With Soft Side Facing Up

Step 2: Lay Baby Down Vertically on Their Back on the Blanket

  • Make sure baby’s feet are closest to you
  • If you are choosing to wear latex gloves, now would be the time to put them on

Step 3: Peel Back Both Side Flaps of Diaper the Baby Is Currently Wearing

  • Flaps are indicated with white tabs

Step 4: Unfold Front of Diaper Towards You (diaper Should Now Be Open Completely)

Step 5: Lift Baby’s Bottom Slightly Off the Ground to Remove Used Diaper

  • You can do this by carefully gripping the baby’s ankles with one hand and lifting upwards to approximately a 45 degree angle
  • While baby’s bottom is slightly off the ground, remove used diaper and set to the side. You will put used wipes from cleaning the baby’s bottom into the soiled diaper
  • Set down baby’s ankles gently
  • Baby should now be back down in lying position

Step 6: Grab Disposable Wipes

  • Open wipe package, typically by popping open the lid
  • Remove one wipe from the package

Step 7: Clean Baby’s Bottom

  • As explained in step 5, slightly lift up the baby’s bottom
  • Use the disposable wipes to wipe baby’s bottom from front to back
  • After each wiping motion, fold disposable wipe in half to expose the unused portion of the wipe
  • Continue to wipe until the area is completely free of residue, using as many wipes as needed
  • Place used wipes into the open diaper you set to the side

Step 8: Set Baby Back Down in Laying Position, Releasing Grip From Their Ankles

  • If you chose to wear latex gloves, now would be the time to take them off
  • You can discard of your gloves the same as the used wipes, place them in the soiled diaper you set to the side

Step 9: Grab One Fresh Diaper From Package

Step 10: Unfold Diaper and Open Completely by Pulling Back the Side Flaps on the Back of Diaper (indicated by White Tabs)

Step 11: Pick Baby’s Feet Back Up Again As Explained in Step 5

Step 12: Place New Diaper Under the Baby

  • Patterned side of the diaper facing down, absorbent side up
  • Place diaper underneath the baby with front of the diaper closest to you.
  • Front of the diaper is indicated with a strip of different fabric, which tabs will adhere to

Step 13: Set Baby Back Down in Laying Position, Releasing Grip From Their Ankles

  • Baby should now be on top of the fresh diaper with front flap between their legs and side flaps with white tabs extending past their hips

Step 14: Roll Up Diaper With Wipes Inside

    (if you chose to wear latex gloves, they will be in the diaper along with used wipes)

    • You can do this by folding in the front flaps and rolling the diaper towards the back flaps until there is no more diaper to roll
    • Take the back-side flaps and wrap them around the diaper to secure it shut so that no spills occur
    • Diaper should be secured tight

    Step 15: Set Rolled Up Diaper to the Side for Now

    • You don't want to leave your baby unattended by getting up to dispose of the soiled diaper
    • The soiled diaper will be disposed of when the whole diaper changing task is complete

    Step 16: With the Fresh Diaper Under Your Baby, Fold Front Flap Upwards Onto the Baby’s Waist Just Below Belly Button

    • Depending on the size of your baby, the diaper may go slightly below or above the belly button

    Step 17: Hold Front Flap in Place With One Hand

    Step 18: Secure Diaper to Your Baby

    • Peel back white tabs on the back flaps one at a time to expose the adhesive section of the tab
    • Fold up side flaps of the diaper one at a time, adhering to the front of diaper on the strip of different fabric

    • Diaper should be snug but not so tight that it is pinching skin

    • Make sure tabs are not attached to baby’s skin

    Step 19: Disposable Diaper Changing Is Now Complete!

    Step 20: Place Baby in a Safe Place Such As Playpen or Crib, or Hold in Your Arms

    Step 21: Dispose of Soiled Diaper (containing Used Wipes) in a Trashcan So That the Odor Does Not Linger

    Step 22: Wash Your Hands With Warm Water and Soap to Remove Harmful Bacteria

    Step 23: You Have Now Successfully Completed the Task of Changing a Disposable Diaper!

    Thank you for engaging in this instruction set. With this knowledge and information, you are able to efficiently tackle any disposable diaper changing situation that comes your way!