Introduction: How to Change a Flat Tire

Men aren't the only ones who can change a tire, anyone can! No one ever knows when they are going to find themselves on the side of the road with a flat tire, and no one can come to save the day. Changing a tire is easy and a great life lesson to learn.

Step 1: Grab All of the Tools

A spare tire, tire iron, and a jack will be needed to change a spare tire.

Step 2: Raise the Tire Off of the Ground

First, find a solid piece of metal under the vehicle that will not move, preferably the frame. Place the jack under the frame making sure it is secure.

Step 3: Raise the Jack

Next, take the bar that comes with the jack and attach the bar to the bolt on the jack and turn it in the direction in which the jack will rise, until the tire is lifted 2 inches off of the ground.

Step 4: Remove the Cap From the Tire, If There Is One.

If there is a cap on the tire, use the small end of the tire iron to pop off the cap from the tire to show the lug nuts.

Step 5: Removal of the Lug Nuts - TIP

If there is rust on the lug nuts, spray WD-40 onto the lug nuts to make removal easier.

Step 6: Remove the Lug Nuts.

To remove the lug nuts, take the tire iron and twist them left. This part will be a little difficult to start, until the lug nuts start to loosen. Be sure to take off the lug nuts diagonally from each other for easier removal. Once they are mostly loosened, they will be able to twist off the rest of the way with your fingers.

Step 7: Save the Lug Nuts

Do not forget to set the lug nuts in a place where they will not get lost, they will be needed to put the spare tire on.

Step 8: Replace the Tire

The next step will be to remove the tire from the vehicle by pulling it off. Then, the it will be time to put the spare tire on, in place of the flat tire. (I put the regular tire back on the vehicle since I was doing this process for demonstration)

Step 9: Put the Lug Nuts Back on the Tire

After the spare tire is on the vehicle, screw the lug nuts on with your hands as tight as you can. Then, use the tire iron to tighten them the rest of the way. Be aware that they are as tight as possible, so the tire does not come off of the vehicle when it is driving. The video is showing me putting all my force into tightening the lug nuts.

Step 10: Release the Jack.

The final step is to release the jack! After the lug nuts are completely tightened, it is time to release the jack by lowering it the opposite way you lifted it.

Step 11: You're Done!

You have now successfully changed your flat tire!