Introduction: How to Change a Tire

This instructable will be showing you how to change a tire in case of emergency. Changing a tire is a hard task but is something that anyone driving on the road should know how to do.

Step 1: Identify the Problem

Realizing that you have a flat or destroyed tire is the first step to changing a tire. In order to identify a faulty tire you must get out of your vehicle and check to see which tire needs to be changed. If you do not have access to a air hose and have a flat tire this is a tire that needs to be changed. A tire that also needs to be changed is one that has popped and is no longer good.

Step 2: Gather Supplies

In order to change a tire you will need a few things to help you, all of which can be found in your vehicle. You will need: a spare tire, jack, and a tire wrench.

Step 3: Setup Jack

When placing the jack underneath your vehicle place it anywhere under the frame of your vehicle. Once the jack is setup and ready to be jacked up, make sure it is secure and begin using the lever to crank the jack up.

Step 4: Switching Tires

Once the vehicle is raised off the ground you can begin the process of swapping tires. You will now need to take the tire wrench and loosen all of the nuts. Once all of the nuts are off the tire should be able to be pulled off of where it is resting. Next take the new tire and place it where the old tire was. The holes should line up with where the nuts were fastened before. Once the new tire is on fasten nuts in a kitty corner fashion. After the nuts are tight lower the jack back down.

Step 5: Get Back on the Road

Now that you have swapped the tires and lowered the jack you should put all the tools back where you found them. One thing to note is that if you used a doughnut tire instead of a full sized spare tire you will not want to go very far without getting it replaced. You are now ready to get back on the road.