Introduction: How to Change an Inner Tube With Presta Valve

This is how you change in Inner Tube with a Presta valve.

Step 1: Supplies You Will Need

You will need

2x Tire levers

1x new Inner Tube

1x Air pump

Step 2: Removing the Quick Release Lever

you will want to un-flip the quick release lever and loosen the bold holding it into place.

You can get away with leaving it screwed on and keeping it extremely loose but, overall it is easier to remove it.

Step 3: Remove Tire and Set to the Side

once the Quick release lever is loosened/removed the tire should be free to pull up and pull out of its place.

If you are changing a back tire you will have to pull the chain guide down so that the gears are free from the chain then, you should be able to remove it as normal.

Step 4: Remove Valve Cap and Loosen the Stem Core

unscrew the plastic cap that is covering the valve stem. There you should be able to loosen the stem core and open the air flow for the tire.

Step 5: Bleed Any Remaining Air From the Tire

press down on the loosened stem core to bleed any remaining air. (if the tire is completely flat you can ignore this step)

Step 6: Removing the Tire

on one side insert the tire levers into the rim and under the tire (about 4 inches apart). Pull down on both levers and you should see the bead of the tire pop out.

Step 7: Remove the Entire Bead of the Tire

Here you should be able to pull one lever all the way around the tire and remove the bead completely on one side exposing the Inner Tube.

Step 8: Removing Inner Tube

Find the Valve and remove the bolt holding the valve to the rim. Once this is finished you can push the valve through the rim and remove the rest of the Inner Tube.

Step 9: Installing New Inner Tube

Find the Valve on your new Inner Tube and place it into the hole on the rim. Secure the valve to the rim with the newly provided nut for the Inner Tube. Place the new tube around the rim making sure it has no twist in it. so that it is laying flush.

Step 10: Installing the Tire

Work the bead back into the rim of the tire, making sure not to pinch the new tube between the rim and tire.

You might need to use the tire levers here to get the bead back in, place the lever between the rim and bead of the tire and pull up. This should force the bead back into place.

Step 11: Air Up the New Inner Tube

once the tire and inner tube are in place, you are clear to air up the tire, make sure the stem core is open (if you have forgotten check prior steps) and insert the proper air pump connection. Inflate the tire to anywhere between 20-40psi (depending on where you are riding). Once this is done, you are free to remove the air pump and close the stem core and put the plastic cap back on.

Step 12: Put Tire Back Onto Bike

Inspect the tire and check over everything to make sure it is all setting right. Once you are happy with it, place the tire back into its slot and screw back in the quick release lever. you are finished!