Introduction: How to Change the Name of HC-06 Bluetooth Module

Many of the people search how to change the HC-06 bluetooth name which you see on air.

While this is well described in other Instructables, it is written only as a step. It was hard for me to find it. Therefore I've decided to make it as a separate Instructables. Eventually later I will add other steps how to change the HC-06 name in different way (through Arduino, by Bluetooth, etc).

Step 1: How to Program by Using TTL Programmer

What is needed?

1x USB to TTL microcontroller programmer

How to connect the Programmer?





Lets get started

1. connect the USB TTL programmer to the HC-06

2. plug in the USB and start the Arduino EID

3. open the serial monitor, adjust the speed if needed

4. type "AT" without quotes. You should see a respond in the serial monitor saying "OK"

5. type "AT+NAMExyz" where "xyz" is the desired name of the HC-06

6. type "AT+PIN1234" where "1234" is your desired pin. The response should be OKsetPIN

More detailed instuctions and comparison HC-06 and HC-05 is attached.

Notes: thanks to other people who did those great papers (Erich Styger) and instructables (nick: vandenbrande)

Step 2: Connect and Program Arduino As a Serial Port-forwarder for HC-06

By the tiny script it is possible, the Arduino will become a transmitter of your Serial Monitor and what you are typing will be sent to HC-06 Bluetooth.

Connection HC-06 (as usual), but:

HC-06 <-> Arduino

TX to D2

RX to D3

Write and upload small script like attached...

Upload script to Arduino, switch it off

Connect HC-06 to D2 and D3

Switch on Arduino, open Serial Monitor

you can type AT commands, those will be retransmitted to HC-06

Notes: it should work for HC-05 and HC-12 as well, but I did not try it yet.