Introduction: How to Charge 12V Battery With 5V Mobile Charger

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In this instructable, you will learn to charge a 12v battery with a 5v mobile charger at home with a simple dc to dc boost converter for voltage step - up.


Step 1: DC to DC Converter :

The video link for the making of a simple dc to dc converter has been provided below.

Its function is to step up the input applied voltage by 3 to 4 times which can be adjusted by by choosing different values of inductors.

Transistors used for the circuit are 13009 npn.


Step 2: 12v Battery :

The 2nd step is a discharged 12v battery.

Here as you can see in the picture that the battery is at 8.46 v where it should be at at-lest 11 volts which means that its really discharged.

Its actually from an old laptop.


Step 3: Connection & Testing :

Connections are simple.

1- Connect the +ve of the rectifier to the +ve of battery & -ve to the -ve.

2- Connect the A.C input of the rectifier to the output wires from the dc to dc converter.

3- Connect the input wires of the converter to the mobile charger (+ve to +ve & -ve to -ve)

4- Simply turn on the charger switch and it should start charging.

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