Introduction: How to Cheack and Add Oil

In this instructable you will learn how to change and add oil to your car. It will tell what supplies you will need to have. It will also tell also how to check the oil because it is not always the same with all cars.

Step 1: Getting the Supplies

Get all of the supplies that is needed. First item needed is the oil and it needs the right type of oil because if the wrong oil is put in the car may not start or if started the oil will burn. It will tell what type of oil that is needed on the oil cap or in the owners manual that came in the car. Second item needed is a funnel to help pour the oil in so the oil isn't spilled all over the engine because then the oil will need to be cleaned up before starting the car. Last item needed is paper towels to clean off the dipstick and any oil that is spilled.

Step 2: Checking the Oil

There are two ways to check the oil in the car the first is to look at the dipstick in the engine block. Once you pull out the dipstick clean it off and put it back in and pull it out again to make sure that it is accurate. To know there is enough oil in the car there will be a line or a checkered pattern if it's behind your good if it is not then you have to add oil. The second only includes the newer cars there may not be a dipstick so there will be a button on the dash to press to see how much oil there is.

Step 3: Adding Oil

The first thing that needs to be done is remove the oil cap from the top of your vehicle. Then place the funnel inside of the hole. Then start pouring the oil in put as much as needed in or how much is specified in the owners manual. Next you wait till all of the oil is drained in then remove the funnel then put the cap on tightly.

Step 4: Finish

After putting the oil into the car pull the dipstick out to see if more oil needs to be added. After checking the dipstick clean up any oil that might've been spilled during the process to keep it from burning when the car is started. The last thing to be done is put all of the supplies away and then get in and go.