Introduction: How to Check Engine Oil Level

How many people know how to check their fluids in their car/pickup? I had an old pickup I never checked oil in and it blew up as I was driving it. I will show you how to check your engine oil in your vehicle. Engine oil is a very important part of a vehicle and running it low will cause severe engine damage.


Lint-free rag

Oil (if needed)

Step 1: Vehicle Location

First, you need to park your vehicle on a level surface. Vehicle must be level or oil will all be on the side of the engine and the reading will be off. Also, tire pressure must be correct.

Step 2: Open Hood

Open the hood of the vehicle. This will give you access to the oil dipstick. There are usually three dipsticks under the hood. One for oil, one for transmission fluid, and one for power steering fluid.

Step 3: Remove the Dipstick

Remove the dipstick Pull the dipstick out of the tube. Do not tip the dipstick upside down. This will cause your reading to be off. Keep it level and wipe the dipstick off with a lint free cloth. This will help get a more accurate measurement especially if the engine was just running.

Step 4:

Place the dipstick back in the port until it seats fully. This will help ensure you are getting the best measurement. Do not get the tip of the dipstick dirty because the dirt will get run through the engine possibly causing damage.

Step 5:

Remove the dipstick again making sure it stays level with the ground. Oil level should be between the add and full marks, or in the crosshatch depending on the vehicle. If between the marks, oil level is good. If not, add a little until level is between.