Introduction: How to Clean Black Wheels

Nothing can be worse than getting new black wheels dirty within a few days of having them and not knowing how to properly clean them. It is too embarrassing to ask someone how to clean the wheels, so the wheels just sit there and suffer. It is important to know the proper steps to cleaning black wheels so the wheels themselves will stay clean and last a lifetime.

Cleaning gloss black or matte black wheels is not that hard. Having the knowledge of what material the wheel is made of is important. There are a couple of things needed to be able to do this: cleaning solution and wax for the wheels (preferably the Meguiar’s G55012 Classic Wash and Wax Kit). Buckets, if no hose is available (use five gallon buckets, they work the best), two of them are needed to be able to do this, one with cleaning solution and the other with warm water for the rinsing of the wheel (it is best to label the buckets “cleaning solution and “warm water/rinse” to make sure there is no mixing between the two buckets while washing the wheels.) Microfiber cloths (the more cloths the better) buy a large pack, they are great for cleaning and drying black wheels (use a fresh microfiber cloth whenever possible). Lastly, a garden hose with a spray nozzle (old wet cloths/towels that are soft will do, but make sure to wipe the wheels gently to avoid scratching the surface of the wheel with different particles from the road or the vehicle).

Step 1: Rinse Your Wheel.

Now with all the things that are needed to clean the wheels, first, start off by connecting the hose to a hydrant or other water supply. Turn on the water and start spraying water to the wheels, until the wheels are clean. If using the buckets, make sure to use the bucket with the warm water during this step. Dip the microfiber cloth into the bucket with warm water and gently wipe the wheels clean. Do NOT dip the cloth back into the clean warm water bucket. Use one clean cloth for each dirty wheel.

Step 2: Add Cleaning Solution to the Wheel.

Second step: take a microfiber cloth (preferably a clean one) and pour some cleaning solution onto the cloth (no more than one ounce needed for a single wheel). Apply the cleaning solution to the wheel, scrubbing in a circular motion. When using the bucket method, use the bucket with the cleaning solution in it. Dip about half of the microfiber cloth into the solution (again preferably a clean cloth) and apply it to the wheel also in a circular motion. (New clean cloth with half of it dipped into the solution for each wheel.) Do this in a shaded area when the wheels are cold, but above thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 3: Let the Cleaning Solution Sit on Wheel.

Allow the cleaning solution to sit on each wheel for about five minutes to seven minutes, to allow the cleaner to work.

Step 4: Rinse and Dry Off the Wheel.

Once the five or seven minutes is up for each wheel, take the hose and rinse off each wheel until there is no cleaning solution left on the wheels. Take a dry clean microfiber cloth and rub the wheels dry. (You might have to use more than one cloth to get all wheels clean.) Using the bucket method, dip a clean microfiber cloth into the warm water bucket and scrub off the cleaning solution on the wheels. (Use one clean cloth for each wheel.) After the cleaning solution is completely off of all the wheels, take another dry clean microfiber cloth and dry each wheel. (You might have to use more than one cloth to get all wheels clean.) Dry each wheel THOROUGHLY.

Step 5: Add Wax to Wheel

Polishing black wheels will add more of a shine to the wheels, (if it’s a gloss black, matte black doesn’t shine very well.) Apply a small amount of wax to a clean microfiber cloth or polishing pad for each wheel. Spread a thin layer of wax to the wheel going in a circular motion. (Use the same microfiber cloth or polishing pad for all four wheels.) This thin layer of wax will protect the wheel from all the dirt and grime.

Step 6: Clean Supplies Before Using Them Again.

Don’t forget to clean all of the microfiber cloths before using them again. Store the cleaning solution and the wax in a room temperate place. Pour out the dirt and grime and the cleaning solution from the buckets and rinse the buckets out too.

Step 7: Conclusion

For the best results, wash black wheels once every two weeks and apply the wax every second wash. Happy cleaning!

Hope you enjoy this video as I show you how to clean black wheels step by step.

Thank you,