Introduction: Clean and Organize Your Closet..For Once and for All!

This instructable will teach you how to clean out your closet, and then organize the clothes and other items you decide to keep in your closet.

What will you need?

  • Storage bins
  • Labels for bins
  • Cleaning supplies- vacuum, duster, air freshener
  • Optional- hanging mirror, command strips, curtains

Step 1: Take "out of Season" Items and Store Them Elsewhere to Make Room in Your Closet

- Gather storage device that will easily fit your under bed, or elsewhere in room.

- Label the storage device what clothes are inside to remember at a future time.

- Remove items from closet, put them in storage devices, and place under bed or elsewhere in room.

Step 2: Scan Your Closet for Items That Can Be Sold or Given to Goodwill (Round 1)

- Get two separate bags large enough for clothes and items.

- Label one bag "sell" and one bag “good will”.

- Divide up your items into the bags appropriately.

Step 3: For Items You Want to Keep, Make Sure You Want to Keep Them (Round 2)

- Try every item on.

- Ask yourself these questions and determine appropriately.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • does it fit?
  • when is the last time I wore it?
  • do I like it?
  • will I wear it again?

- Repeat for shoes and bags.

- If you find any other items you want to get rid of, separate them into the "sell" or "good will" bag, or throw it away.

Now you have cleaned out your closet, and made room for everything you want to keep and organize.

Step 4: Separate the Items You Are Keeping, by Category

- Put shirts in one pile.

- Put pants in one pile.

- Put shoes in one pile.

- Put miscellaneous items into another pile.

These piles are easy for you to see what you have, how many of each item you have, and how much space you need for each pile.

Step 5: Determine What Part of the Closet Your Shoes, Pants, and Shirts Will Go

- Gather enough hangers for each pair of pants.

- Gather enough hangers for each shirt.

- Find a place for a shoe rack (hanging or standing), or even a place to line them up neatly in pairs.

- Save enough space of miscellaneous items on shelving or the floor.

Step 6: Put Items in Their Place

- Hang shirts up in color coded order.

  • Don’t hang up shirts that will easily get hanger lines/ stretch out (fold and place these items in a drawer, instead).

- Hang pants up according to length.

- Put shoes together in pairs, so they can easily be found.

  • Put shoes on a rack, or some sort of shoe storage device.

- Make use of closet doors by adding an over the door hanger to create extra hanging devices.

Step 7: If You Keep Jewelry in Your Closet (if Not, SKIP This Step)

- Separate jewelry by bracelet, necklace, and earrings.

- Hang up a peg board or some sort of board that you can insert push pins into.

  • Hang jewelry up on the pin board or hang them over the push pins according to type (necklace or bracelet).

- Put earrings all together in a jewelry box or some sort of container.

Step 8: Gather Up Miscellaneous Items and Determine Where You Want Them to Go

- Use storage bins for things that aren’t used on a daily basis (can be used to stack other necessary items on).

- Neatly place everyday items on closet shelving in height order, so you can easily spot everything.

- Hang up command strips (cheap and easy) for purses, bath towels, scarfs, etc.

- Make labels for everything in your closet that are in bins for easier access in the future.

Step 9: Freshen and Clean Your Closet

- Dust the shelves.

- Vacuum the floor if possible (for walk-ins).

- Spray the closet with air freshener or get a special freshener for the closet to eliminate shoe odors.

Step 10: Add Your Personalized Touches (choose However Many of These You Want to Do)

- Hang up a mirror on the door

- Hang pictures on the door

- Hang lights around the door

- Replace closet door with a curtain for a fun change

  • An easy DIY way of hanging a curtain in replace of a door is to buy a tension rod (cheap), hang the curtain on it, and easily put it in place of a door.
  • Make sure you get the correct measurements for the door frame so you buy the right size tension rod.

Step 11: Voila- a Clean and Organized Closet- MAINTENANCE IS KEY!

Upkeep on the cleanliness on the closet and don't leave anything on the floor or out of place!