Introduction: How to Clean Plastics in Your Engine Bay

This automotive project is simple and easy, and can be done by almost anyone, (with some help, of course)


You will need: all purpose cleaner, a microfiber rag, and a flathead screwdriver. (For removing radiator cover pins)

Step 1: Open the Hood of Your Car

Use the interior hood latch to open the hood, it is located by the left hand side of the door, underneath the steering wheel. Pull the latch until you hear a semi - loud “click” sound coming from the hood, that is the hood latch being unlocked. After you have located the hood latch, which will be near or around the center of your hood, pull it upwards with your left hand, and lift the hood with your right. If your car has a hood support, latch it in to the hood support hole usually located to the left or right hand side of the hood. Congratulations! You completed step one.

Step 2: Preparing for Cleaning the Radiator Cover

Use the supplies listed in the title, and prep your radiator cover for cleaning. You are going to want to use a microfiber rag for this part. Make sure you COMPLETELY spray down both the bottom of the cover and also the top of the cover, that will insure a deep thorough cleaning. Use all purpose cleaner or, if you wish, you could use automotive plastic cleaner. (If you have any) and spray evenly throughout the surface, this will help remove any trapped dirt and debris you may find in the radiator cover. Afterwards, dry thoroughly with a dry microfiber rag. (Tip) You need to use a flathead screwdriver to remove all the pins that hold the radiator cover in place BEFORE CLEANING. Then, you can remove the cover completely. This insures a good all - around cleaning.

Step 3: Cleaning the Radiator

For this step, it is important you pay attention to what’s listed in the instructable. You will need to get a hose (with sprayer attachment) and EVENLY distribute water across the entire radiator. First off, spray it from the inside of the engine bay, then, follow up with spraying from the outside of the engine bay. (This insures full cleaning of the radiator and should remover any insects or debris trapped inside of it. Cleaning your radiator is a crucial part of engine cooling performance, because if your radiator is not cooling properly, then your engine can have issues that follow with it.

Step 4: Cleaning the Engine Cover Itself

This part can make your engine cover look good as new if the right steps are taken to make it look that way. You will need a rag (any kind) and spray multi purpose cleaner on the plastic cover. Again, evenly distribute the cleaner so it can clean the entire cover properly. After spraying your cleaner onto the plastic, use your rag of choice to wipe down the said liquid. And make sure you dry off every part of the engine cover so it looks properly cleaned.

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