Introduction: How to Clean, Rebuild and Adjust Your CV Carburetor

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How to take care of your CV carburetor and how does it work.

Step 1: Watch the Video - Carburator Rebuild and Float Adjustment

In this video we tackle the rebuild process from the carburetor cleaning to a few modifications and especially the float adjustment of a Harley Davidson CV carburetor utilizing a standard rebuild kit.

Everything is home made and DIY as usual!

Step 2:

- carburetor disassemble from motorcycle

- disassemble of membrane, spring and guillotine

- membrane replacement

- check membrane for damage

- guillotine cleaning and finish

- oring and gasket replacement

- bowl and diaphragm disassemble

- diaphragm replacement

- jets cleaning

- float disassemble

- fuel valve replacement

- float adjustment

- carburetor assembly

Step 3: Watch the Video - How Does the CV Carburetor Work and DIY Adjustment Screw

In this video Custom Cez explains how does the CV carburetor works and how to adjust the mixture screw

Step 4: How the Carburetor Works From the Inside

In this part we go through the process of adjusting the idle mixture screw to optimize engine performance and throttle response.

Step 5: Next Step, the Adjustment

• jets cleansing

• vacuum slide replacement

• how does the cv carburetor work

• how does the idle mixture screw work

• adjustment of the idle mixture screw

• diy exhaust fumes pumping system