Introduction: How to Clean Tent Vinyl – Hand Washing PVC Fabric

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How to clean tent and its covered fabric? That is a worth-thinking question after purchasing. Now more and more event planner, business owners or families are willing to purchase fabric tent to different usages like weddings, backyard party, commercial events or warehouse building and more. If you have bought a clear span tent for long-term using, it is really neccessary to learn how to clean tent. Shelter is specialized in fabric tent manufacturing for over 10 years, and we are the expert of tent maintenance also. Now we will show you the suggestion and precautions during cleaning the tent vinyl.

Benefits of PVC Vinyl

Many outdoor tent, namely large commercial event and wedding tents, are now covered by PVC fabric. PVC coated fabric is easy to weld into a large piece for covering different shape roof. PVC fabric tent is frequently used in any outdoor event or long-life building by its outstanding features: strong, durable, waterproof, all-weather resistance, fire retardant, oil and chemical resistance.

Spray Bottles

Wash Mitts or Rags

Mop and Pail

Soft Bristle Brush

Cloth Towels

Step 1: Lay Down the Fabric

Lay the fabric on a clean, flat and stable surface which without any sharp thing. You are not willing to see any scratches on the fabric after cleaning, right? If the surface is not smooth, lay down a piece of used fabric to make a better protection. You know some small stone is not easy to avoid.

Step 2: Selecting "Vinyl Safe" Cleaning Concentrates

Pay attention in selecting cleaning concentrates. Select the appropriate “Vinyl Safe” cleaner (such as Weak Alkaline Detergent). Cleaning concentrates need to be diluted into regular ration with water. Follow the instruction and dilute into the spray bottles. Don’t over soap, or the fabrics will get harm and become dirty easily after washing.

Step 3: Using Mop Will Be More Effective

Using mop or soft bristle brush will improve the effectiveness. Mopping can decrease the water and chemicals staying time on the fabric surface. If the fabric get wet in a long time, the dirt will stay on fabric surface easier.

Step 4: Cloth Towels in the "Dry Master"

Cloth towels will be better in drying the fabric. Cloth towel is the ideal fabric to absorb the water. That is the best way to dry out the fabric in a short time.

Step 5: Hanging the Cleaned Fabric in Ventilation Area

After washing, you’d better hang the tent fabric outdoor or other ventilation area. Please keep the fabric totally dry before storing (Store into a dry and ventilation place). In addition, putting the fabric under the natural sunlight regularly will make a longer span-life for it.

Step 6: Get More Cleaning Tips - Please Contact Us

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