How to Clean Your 3DS.




Introduction: How to Clean Your 3DS.

I love making things the only problem is recording and publishing it all.

In this instructable i will be showing how to clean your 3ds!
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Step 1. Supplies.

1) 3ds

2) Glass Cleaner

3) Micro Fiber Towel

4) A small duster

For More Information about the 3ds Visit:

Step 1: Cleaning

2. Cleaning (1)

1) Take Your Glass Cleaner and Spray a Little on your micro fiber towel.

Step 2: Clean the Inside Body

3. Now You Want to Clean the Inner bottom body Of the 3ds

1)Take the towel and try to get all around the buttons and everything.

Step 3: Optional

4. Take any of your screen protectors off (Optional) 

1) Remove with your stylus your screen protector. After its off try cleaning the screen protector with the micro fiber towel

2) Use Your duster to dust off the screen and to get any missed dust particles

3) After cleaning put back on the screen protector

Step 4: Cleaning the Inner Top Portion

5. This is the same as the others but make sure you spray the towel again and use the duster .

1) Make sure you clean the inner camera

Step 5: Cleaning the Outer Body

6. This is the outer body of the 3ds this will be the most finger print prone area. 

1) Still using the towel which can be sprayed again rub off any finger prints on the top and bottom of the system

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Hey! This is so helpful!!!! I just got a 2DS and so I was wondering if you would like to trade friend codes? If so mine is: 4914-4168-3063. I already have yours. So yeah just comment back on this topic and I will regularly check back.

Robo Redneck
Robo Redneck

9 years ago on Introduction

danroy99, Frank Lampard 13, waterlubber, Bryan162, I registered you as a friend my friend code is 1091-7688-8276 my mii is Caleb


10 years ago on Introduction

Wow, this was very helpful. It never came to me that you can use glass cleaner to clean. xD. Only one bad thing. I took off the screen protector, cleaned it, and tried to put it back on, but it looked horrible and had bubbles everywhere. This is pretty minor though, since I started with top screen, so screen protection isn't important there. This was majorly minor compared to what it fixed. The front outer body had, what I thought to be, permanent smudges and what looked like spots lacking paint. I wiped it down with the cloth, and ta daaa! They're all gone! My 3DS now looks brand new! Just for the smudge fix, I'm giving this 5*. Thanks man!

Frank Lampard 13
Frank Lampard 13

Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

yep my screen protector did the same thing but you cant really see the bubbles on the screen when its missed


10 years ago on Introduction

Nice little 'able. Lucky for me, I happened to have the rare micro-fiber towel! A good screen cleaner is Maxell Digital Screen Cleaner. Gets things nice and shiny! Have you ever noticed that it is impossible to stop the iPod from getting dirty?
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