Introduction: How to Clean Your Room

This instructable is to educate the masses on how to clean a room.  It is mostly de-cluttering but it makes a lot of difference in the perceived size of a room such as my bedroom which looked like it had been struck by a tornado.

Step 1: Assess the Damage

The first step in cleaning is to find out truly how bad the mess is. In my room it was pretty bad, there was clutter all over the floor, my desk, my dresser, and my nightstand.

Target major problem areas and work on the room one messy section at a time.

Step 2: Putting Away the Clutter

I started out my adventure by finding all of  the clothes in random places in my room and throwing them in a big pile on the ground.
Next, I sorted them into dirty and clean.
Put the dirty ones in the laundry and sort the clean ones into piles to put away.

Step 3: Get Rid of the Paper

My second step was to get rid of the clutter on my desk and in that general corner.
I have been getting lots of crap mail recently so it has all ended up on my desk.
Sort through all the crap and make keep and throw piles.
Throw away the trash and then sort the keep stuff into piles according to where it belongs.
Find new "homes" for the keep stuff.

Step 4: Attack the Rest of the Problems

The next areas I attacked were at the foot of my bed, and on the side of my bed where there used to exist a mountain of clothing.
Use the same process as before of sorting into keep and throw piles.
If anything in the remaining keep pile does not belong in your room put it where it belongs.
During this whole process try to put as little back on the floor as is possible.

Step 5: Finishing Up

The last places I had to attack were my dresser, my nightstand, and my shoe area.
With my dresser, most of the clutter was garbage so it got thrown away and the jewelry got put in its proper place.
My nightstand had 3 extra bottles of water so I got rid of those and threw away all of the garbage on the floor around it.
The shoe area was one of the easiest areas.  I put the big Rubbermaid container in another room where it belonged and then arranged my shoes to my liking.  Also, I found my cork/whiteboard and now have it ready to be hung.

Step 6: Final Product

When you are finished with your cleaning you should be left with a nice, clutter free room to enjoy