Introduction: How to Clean Your Shoes Without Shoe Cleaner.

Do you want to clean your shoes but don't want to have to buy shoe cleaner, well I'll show you how to do it for as little money as possible! #HMS2020


Dirty shoes.

Clorox/Ajax (soap powder)

old toothbrush


Step 1: Cleaning the Out Soul.

To clean the out soul, hold your shoe sideways with one side facing up. Next, take your soap and sprinkle it in a straight line across the out soul. Now take your toothbrush and get it wet. Scrub your toothbrush back and forth across our line of soap powder.(Do this until clean.)

Step 2: Cleaning the Vamp.

This will be similar to step 1, except this time, have to avoid the shoelaces so that you don't get the inner shoe wet. Repeat your scrubbing until you are satisfied with the outcome.

Step 3: Cleaning the Toe Cap.

This one will be the hardest one, for you are scrubbing extremely close to the shoelaces and there is a risk of getting the inner shoe wet. Scrub with caution!!! And don't forget to add some water if it appears to be dry. In the case of you getting the inner shoe wet, you can either stop and let it dry with a possible bad outcome, or you can take a rag or an old towel to dry it.

Step 4: Cleaning the Shoe Laces

To clean the shoelaces, first take the laces out of the shoes. Then line them up on your counter.(This will be a little messy) Then put some soap on it and scrub with your toothbrush until clean.

Step 5: Wait.

Once completed, leave to dry somewhere warm for 1-2 days, and it will be ready to go!

-Hi Mr.Gadd its me Justin!