Introduction: How to Clean Your Shoes

Here's how to clean your white shoes

Step 1: Get All Items Together

get your toothpaste and toothbrush and bleach, water, bowl and the shoes your using of course

Step 2: Put the Bleach and Water Together for Shoelaces

Add the bleach and water to the bowl to be mixed together for your shoelaces

Step 3: Drop in Shoelaces

Add your shoelaces to the bleach and water in a bow or a water bottle and leave in for 10 minutes to soak or until your completely done with the process of cleaning the shoes.

Step 4: Time to Clean the Shoes

You want to grab all the items needed so while the water and bleach soak the laces, you would grab the toothbrush and toothpaste with a little bit of water and scrub all the areas that are dirty. After your done, scrubbing the area you want to leave the toothpaste on the spot for at least 5 to 10 minutes. While that sit there, you want to take the shoelaces out of the water and bleach and let it dry before putting them back on.

Step 5: Time to Dry

Grab the following a bottle of water at least a little bit in a bowl. Get a wash cloth to use on the shoes. Pour the water over the shoes or on the towel whichever one you would like the most. Once, you do that you want to whip all the areas of the shoes that you had applied the toothpaste onto to clean it off.

Step 6: Add Back the Shoelaces

After you whip off the toothpaste with the water and towel, now you want to apply back the shoelaces that you had took out before to soak in the water and bleach which should be dry by now, if not let the shoelaces sit out for a bit then apply back.

Step 7: All Done!

Once you had let it sit out and dry and the shoes are all clean. you can now apply the shoelaces and finish cleaning your shoes.