How to Clean a CPU Fan

Introduction: How to Clean a CPU Fan

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Failing to clean your CPU fan can cause the fan to either slow down or to fail completely. If the fan fails, then the temperatures inside the System Unit will significantly increase, which creates the potential for overheating.

This video helps you to keep your computer functions optimally and efficiently. There are no special tools required for this cleaning method.

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Step 1: Shut Down Your PC and Turn the Power Off.

Before opening system unit be sure to shut down and unplug it to avoid getting electrocuted.

Step 2: Open the Back of the Computer Case According to the Directions in Your Owner's Manual.

Some CPU's will require screwdrivers for removal, while others will have buttons to depress before the back comes off.

Step 3: Remove the Fan.

a. Disconnect the fan power wire.

b. Remove the fan connector from the fan header.

c. Turn the push pins with fingers or a flat screwdriver counterclockwise 90 degrees to release them.

d. Pull up the push pins.

Step 4: Sperate the Heatsink

Sperate the heat sink

Step 5:

wash the heat-sink with tap water.

Step 6: If Oxidized Layer Is Thick Sand It With a 800 Grit Sand Paper.

if oxidized layer is thick sand it with a 800 grit sand paper.

Step 7: Clean With Isopropyl Alcohol

dip a tissue in the isopropyl alcohol and gently remove the heat sink compound from the surface of the processor and the fan. just make sure it is completely dry before fixing

Step 8: Fix the Fan to Motherboard

inject the thermal paste from the syringe to the center of the heatsink and fix the CPU fan. make sure that no gaps were missed during the thermal paste spread. return the power cords to their correct positions and power up your computer.

depending on the dustiness of your environment, the cpu cooling fan shouldn't require another thorough cleaning for another three to six months.

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