Introduction: How to Clean a Desk

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Of course we all "know" how to clean a desk.

but, i have a few tips that may help!

Step 1: First!

well, personally my desk is usually filled with tons of stuff. so first of, take all that junk, ie: computer, pens, paper.

and THROW or softly place on the floor, bed,or any other available place.

Step 2: Observe

now, look at the desk.

what do you see?

dust, that was hiding under all your stuff, now located on your bed?

water marks?

odd sticky stuff you cant explain.

betcha didnt know how dirty your desk REALLY WAS?

Step 3: Windex Time

take that handy-dandy windex out of the closet.
get LOTS of paper towels,(or to be eco friendly, old rags are fine too)

and you are set to start the sanitizing step.

Step 4: Sanitizinggg

ok, first,
take the windex and spray your entire desk.

and take those nice paper towels and wipe off all those icky dirty spots.

still have those hard sticky spots? dont give up.

you may want to use "goo-gone"

it helps a lot, and smells great!

Step 5: Trash

if you REALLY cleaned that desk of yours, your trash should be over flowing with paper towels.

but, if u wanted, to "save the trees" you could of been using a old rag of some sorts. that works too.

Step 6: Yahoooo

so, what do u think?

is your desk nice and shinny?!?!

sparklingg clean??

hope so.

and lasty, you have to put EVERYTHING back on your desk.

you have fun with that.