Introduction: How to Clean a Gaming PC

Just a quick message, my supplies were lost in shipping, but I will reorder them. In the meantime I have used stock images I feel best represent the process. Once I have received my supplies I will update with higher quality pictures of my own.


These are the supplies required in order to successfully clean your gaming pc. The following tools are recommended, however, you may use other brands that achieve the same effect:

  • Screwdriver Set
  • Anti-Static Wrist Band (or Wooden Work Station)
  • Lint Free Cloth
  • Can of Compressed Air
  • Container (For Screws)
  • Thermal Paste (Optional)

Step 1: Warning!

In order to properly clean your PC, you must first make sure that it is completely switched off, away from any outlet, and that there are no external wires connected. Using an antistatic bracelet is also critical as we do not want you to kill your system. If you do not know how to build a gaming PC click here for an instructable on how to do so. Instead of using a antistatic bracelet you can also use a wooden workstation and kill your static by touching the metal of your pc case.

Step 2: Opening Up Your PC

  • Identify Screw Type
  • Remove the Front Panel
  • Remove the Back Panel
  • Put excess screws in container

To start off, your pc should be on your workstation, and we will then need to open up the front and back panels in order to expose the components of the pc, which is what we are going to clean, whether its for temperature, performance, or aesthetic. Once your pc panels have been removed, you are ready for the next step.

Step 3: Dusting the Fans

  • Do not use full force of compressed air
  • Gently blow on your fans
  • Make sure to go through each one
  • Gently clean with cloth
  • Continue until satisfied with cleanliness

This step is going to very by PC as some people will have more fans than others, and so some fans will be filthier than others. This is also the longest step, as the fans are what easily pick up the most dust.

Step 4: (Optional) Cleaning Your CPU

  • Identify Screws on CPU Cooler
  • Remove Screws
  • Place Screws in Container
  • Remove the CPU Cooler
  • Clean Thermal Paste off of CPU (Using Cloth)
  • Use Air Pressure on CPU Cooler if fans are present
  • Reapply Thermal Paste on CPU (size of a pea)
  • Place CPU Cooler
  • Screw in CPU Cooler

This step is optional because the CPU isn't required to be clean, but doing so can increase the performance and overall temperatures. The CPU Cooler fans should be cleaned regardless. Do not move onto the next step until the cooler has been reinstalled as it is the only component that needs to be removed when cleaning.

Step 5: Cleaning the GPU

  • Unplug the Pins
  • Remove your GPU
  • Gently Spray the backplate with compressed air
  • Wipe the backplate with cloth
  • Flip over
  • Dust the fans with compressed air
  • Go over the fans with cloth
  • Place GPU back in socket
  • Plug in the Pins

The GPU is the easiest to remove and clean as there are no screws. Just make sure to here the snap when placing it in, in order to make sure it is placed in as tight as possible. Take a look at your PC, and you should see a big difference in your PC. You are now done with cleaning your PC and all that's left is putting the panels back on.

Step 6: Close Your PC

  • Place backplate
  • Screw backplate in
  • Place front panel
  • Screw in front panel
  • Wipe your PC with the cloth
  • Complete

You have now successfully cleaned your PC, and should be able to boot you PC like normal. Looking at your task manager you will be able to see that your PC is now running like new, and the temperatures are much cooler.