How to Clean a Pheasant

Introduction: How to Clean a Pheasant

Hi, my name is
Timothy Todd. I have been hunting and cleaning animals all my life. Cleaning birds can take a long time and be messy if you do not know the right steps. So, I am going to show you how to clean a bird in the quickest and most efficient way possible. In 5 easy steps I will be showing you how to clean pheasants faster than anyone else on your hunting trip. I have been using this way for years. I have found it is the easiest and most efficient way you can clean a bird without getting your hands dirty.


Items you will need: Pheasant, Knife, large plastic
bag, clean water, and a clean surface.

Step 1: Getting the Bird Ready

To begin, a pheasant must be shot first. It is always easier to clean the bird when its warm. It helps when the meat and skin are warm. First step, hold the bird by the feet upside down. Then, grab feathers and skin with your hand and start remove them from the belly and back of the bird.

Step 2: Cleaning the Bird

When the feathers and the skin on the belly and back have been removed, Step 2 place the bird on the ground belly up then step on the wings and try to get your feet as close to the body as possible, take the legs with both hands and pull the bird apart, it sounds bad but it’s the best way to clean it, when pulling add pretty good pressure for it to pull it apart, the legs should start releasing from the breast and wings with this the guts and head should come with the legs, once the bird is separated if there anything still attached to the breast like the neck or any of the guts pull them off and then discharge the bottom half of the bird.

Step 3: Preparing the Bird for Transpotation

At this point the breast and the wings of the bird should remain. Cut one wing off but leave one wing with feathers still on, as required by law. Rinse the bird in clean water and make sure there are no loose feathers on the meat. Once the bird is clean place in preferred method of storage, usually a plastic freezer bag. This is how to clean a pheasant the smart way. Enjoy eating your wild game!

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