Introduction: How to Clean a Pheasant

Hi, my name is Tyler Kopp. I have been hunting all kinds of animals since I could hold up a bb gun. Hunting is my passion and I love hunting animals and birds just as much as I love eating them. In this instructional, I will show you how to clean a pheasant in a short number of steps that are easy to comprehend. This will also show you how to prep it to be eaten as a meal for later. Hunting is a fun and memorable thing to do with friends and family and will also put delicious food on the table for you and others as well. The two things that is needed is a pheasant(s) and a sharp knife which will make it easier to clean and get more meat to eat.

Step 1: The First Thing That Needs to Be Done Is to Identify Where the Wings Are on the Bird.

Once this is done this, place the bird on the ground so its back is facing towards the ground. Next, spread the wings of the bird out as wide as they can. Have both feet face towards the head and get feet as close to the breast as possible. Grab both of its legs and slowly pull the birds feet towards the sky. By doing this, the breast, head and wings will slowly come apart from the rest of the bird.

Step 2: Next, Grab the Breast With One Hand and the Other Hand on the Wing Closest to the Breast.

Twist either clockwise or counterclockwise. Twist until the wing bone either breaks or tears away from the breast. If the wing isn’t coming off, using a knife to slowly cut away the tendons and this will make it easier to get the wing off. Do this to the other wing as well.

Step 3: Getting the Guts Out

After that, grab the head of the bird and pull the head away from the breast by pulling the head on the backside of the breast. This will get all the guts that are left in the pheasant, out of the breast.

Step 4: Finally, Place the Breast on a Cutting Station and Grab a Sharp Knife Out.

Identify where the breast bone is. It will be located in the middle of the breast with a small white line going vertically up the breast.

Step 5: Start Out by Cutting at the Top of the Breast Bone and Cut Down the Breast, Following As Close As Possible to the Bone.

While cutting, the breast bone will be felt if hit anything hard. Cut around the bones as best as possible for the most meat. Once that is done, go to the top of the breast and cut around the wing bone area. The same rules apply while cutting down the breast bone as it does cutting around the wing area. When most of the meat is off the breast plate as possible, do the same to the other side. After that is done, that concludes on my instructional of how to clean a pheasant. Don’t forget to dispose of the remains of the bird!

Step 6: Video of Process