How to Clean a Workshop

Introduction: How to Clean a Workshop

About: I like making things that help people out so maybe I will help you out to so stick around to find out .

So this is the far side of my workshop . Yea I know it's bad but these pictures are after we had moved some big things . Every time I walked in it made me cringe . This area is where we stored a extra table saw and some bigger tools but now there gone . So that motivated me to clean up some more .

Step 1: Bigger Things

So I started with the bigger things it may not look that messy but it was horrible . I had a bunch of 50 lb boxes of 16d and 8d nail gun strips , I stacked them up to where they were easily accessible . Then I threw a bunch of junk in the trash . I then started sorting out my wood stock .

Step 2: Smaller Things and Sweeping

I then started to pickup and throw away smaller things . I started to move things to where I wanted them . There's not much more to explain in this step .

Step 3: Putting Things Up

I started to put things up by making things to help organize things . I put some nails in a floor joist ( they are really ceiling joist because my shop is in a basement ) . These are to put up drop cords but only temporally , I eventually want to use the design Mike and Lauren use for there drop cord organizer .

Step 4: Finished

So this is it . I eventually want to clean some more and add some things . I will probably put in some shelves and organize some more . I do know I will eventually build another workbench for the Rockwell bladerunner x2 I plan to get . But that's it thanks for watching .

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