How to Clean and Maintain Your Pistol




Introduction: How to Clean and Maintain Your Pistol

I will be showing you how to properly clean and maintain a standard Pistol. In this demonstration I will specifically be using the Sig Sauer P227 .45 ACP. This pistol follows similar dis-assembly patterns compared to H&K, Glock, and Smith and Wesson semi-automatic pistols.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

To properly clean and maintain your pistol you need to get some supplies. For this demonstration I am using Hoppe's #9 gun bore cleaner, Hoppe's premium cleaning kit and Mil-Comm TW25B lubricant. Any cleaner designated for gun cleaning will work though. To obtain these materials, you can visit the links below.

Hoppe's #9

Hoppe's premium cleaning kit

Mil-Comm TW25B lubricant

Step 2: Disassemble Your Pistol

  1. To begin disassemble you need to make sure that your pistol is clear. Check the breech and make sure that there is not a round in the chamber.
  2. Remove the magazine from the magazine well.
  3. Find the slide lock lever and rotate it clockwise until in a vertical position. This unlocks the slide from the frame
  4. Push the slide forward toward the barrel and it will slide off the front.
  5. Find where the spring meets the barrel, the spring is under tension so you need to be careful when removing the spring.
  6. Push the spring forward toward the barrel and pull it outward to remove the spring.
  7. After removing the spring the barrel is free to slide out.

Step 3: Brush the Barrel Thoroughly

  1. In the cleaning kit, grab your .45 caliber brush and push rod
  2. First attach the brush to the end of the push rod
  3. Thoroughly brush the barrel for close to 30 seconds. This loosens all of the carbon build up from unburned powder and the build up from the copper jackets of the bullets.

Step 4: Clean the Barrell

  1. Now grab the .45 caliber dowel and pushrod from your cleaning kit.
  2. Attach the dowel to the end of the push rod.
  3. Using Hoppe's #9 cleaning solvent wet a patch from your cleaning kit.
  4. Place the wet patch at the breach of the barrel and with the push rod force it through the barrel until it comes out the other end.
  5. Repeat these steps in the following order: 2 wet patches 3 dry patches.
  6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the patches come out clean

Step 5: Brush the Slide

When you use a semi-automatic pistol such as the Sig P227, there tends to be carbon build-up all along the internal parts of the slide. This is most visible by the ejector and firing pin assembly.

  1. Grab your brush from your cleaning kit and brush the following surfaces:
  • Inside the middle of the slide by the ejector and firing pin
  • All along the inside of the slide

Step 6: Lubricate Your Pistol

    Using Mil-Comm TW25B lubricant lubricate the following spots.
    • Inside the slide along the rail on both sides
    • The topside of the hammer
    • The bottom side of the hammer

Step 7: Reassemble Your Pistol

Perform step 2 in reverse order and then you are ready to store your pistol or use it for another day at the range.

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    What is this, amateur hour? Step four is incorrect. That is clear improper use of a cleaning jag. You should do some research and revise this step. Also, clearing the magazine first would keep people from potential accidental discharges.


    8 years ago

    I suggest they take a firearm's safety course anyway. Learning how to handle a weapon from someone else's thousand words or less on a website is not the greatest idea. Too much of a chance of misunderstanding and mistake. Take the time to learn the right way and practice. If you do have use your weapon you are in a volatile situation that's not the time to wonder if you are doing it right.


    8 years ago

    I agree with chiefjudge. Steps 1 and 2 definitely need to be reversed, otherwise this will be helpful new to firearm ownership.


    8 years ago

    I would reverse step 1 and 2. Eject the mag first, then clear the chamber. Almost all firearm safety classes teach it in this order. Taking the mag out first eliminates the potential to accidentally chamber another round. You have to remember someone may be using this as their first cleaning attempt. You should also reword how to remove the slide, the slide is pulled back then locked in place with the slide lock lever. With the slide locked to the rear the slide release lever is rotated to allow the slide to come off the frame. Otherwise good write up.