How to Clean and Upgrade Your Locker!

Introduction: How to Clean and Upgrade Your Locker!

In this instructable, I will be explaining an easy way of upgrading and cleaning your locker to make it more organized and have a better structure.

Step 1: Gather All Materials!

These are the materials that I will be using and I hope it will be helpful for you if you need a way for your locker to be more organized and cleaned up. Some of you might use more or less items than I have used, but these are the items that I will be using.

Materials needed:

  • All school materials (folders, binders, pencil case, school bag…)
  • Two paper holders
  • Whiteboard sticker (could be any other form of whiteboard)
  • Whiteboard pens (can be as many as you want)
  • Three bags (you can always bring more in case)
    • Garbage bag
    • Bag to take home
    • Bag to keep all things for locker in
    • Timetable
    • A black marker
    • Scissors (you never know when you are going to need them!)
    • Inspirational quotes (only if you want)

Step 2: Clean Out That Mess!

What to do with the:

Papers - Take them out all at once and put them on a pile next to your take-home bag and keep them all together. Then when you are finished you can go through them whatever time you want and consider throwing some papers away or putting them into the folders they are supposed to be in.

Things to take home - Put these into a separate bag and include all unnecessary items that you do not need in your locker, but do not want to throw away either inside the bag.

To throw away - You will probably find items in your locker that you had long forgotten about, like notes from your friends and maybe some fun games that you had written on paper and so on. You do not need to keep these, so that is what the garbage bin is for. You can put all those items in your garbage bag which you can then later throw away.

Then you can also use some wipes or wet tissues to clean out the dirt of your locker so that it is nice and fresh again.

Step 3: Put Purchased Materials in Clean Locker!

When putting in the:

Pictures and inspirational quotes - Make sure to firmly place them into your locker. Use either sellotape, glue tag, or maybe even magnets.

Paper holders - Make sure that the front of the paper holder is not too high so that you can easily put in your papers. Put the paper holders on the shelf that is the easiest to access and put them all the way to the side of the locker.

Whiteboard sticker - Cut it out, if needed. Do not cut it out too big, because that will be taking up all the space. Then stick it on the inside of the locker door so that it is easily accessed. Make sure it is not going over any bubbly spaces because that will make the sticker come off.

Whiteboard pens - Put the pens somewhere that they can not bother you when you are using your locker, but that they are still easily accessible if needed.

Timetable - Put the timetable somewhere that you can easily see it every time you open your locker so probably somewhere at the top of the inside of the door of the locker.

Of course, you can have more items included during this step if needed.

Step 4: Put in All School Items!

Now put in all of your school items:

Loose papers - Put all the loose papers in one of the paper holders, probably the one that is the hardest to access.

Thin folders - Put all the thin folders in the easily accessible paper holder because that will keep them from falling down.

Binders - Put all the binders that you have next to the paper holders and make sure that they are all with the bigger side facing the outside of the locker. (If you have more binders than you can consider taking out one of the paper holders and putting all the extra papers with the thin folders.)

Pencil case - In case, you have an extra pencil case, put it either in front of the binders or the paper holders so that you can easily take it with you. You can also put it on the other shelf at the back if you hardly ever use this pencil case.

If you have more items also put them in, but put them in a spot that will not disturb you when you need to take out other items.

Step 5: Add in Any Other Items Needed!

When including:

Backpack - Put it on the shelf that your binders and other stuff are not on.

Jacket - Put your jacket in the back behind the backpack because you will probably not need it throughout the day so then your backpack is easily accessible throughout the day.

Extra bag - If you have an extra bag, like your sports bag, in your locker, put it with your jacket behind your backpack and then it will be there whenever you will need to use it.

Of course, if you have any other items these can be added in as well, such as some food, your house keys and so on.

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I'm a long time out from school and lockers and whatnot, but still a bit organizationally challenged, at least as regards my environment. Tips like these are sure to serve me well, and I could have certainly used such advice a long time ago... thanks.


4 years ago

These are great organization tips!