Introduction: How to Clutch in Csgo

Video above is an example of two csgo clutches. One 1v5 and a 1v4.

Follow these steps to understand the fundamentals behing csgo gameplay, (clutching and playing)

Step 1: Do Not Solo Queue

Play with some friends so you will be less likely to be matched with trolls and smurfs.

Step 2: If You Do Solo Queue

Carry the team.

Step 3: Remember Communication Is Vital.

Use your mic to communicate with others.

Use call outs and communicate with others in a constructive manner to assist them in clutching.

Step 4: NEVER Be Salty

IF you are loosing, or if you are just fed up with your team, never get salty.

Being salty will create fights and lead to team killing and kicking, definitely not what you want to win and clutch

Step 5: Use a Headset

You should use a headset. using a headset will give you an advantage since you will be able to utilise surround sound to pinpoint enemy positions.

Step 6: Done!

Following these steps will help you clutch and play Csgo