How to Commit Genocide! (with Ants)

Introduction: How to Commit Genocide! (with Ants)

Here is how I successfully eliminated multiple ant colonies around our homes. I have no remorse for what I have done.

Step 1: Borax!

This is the ingredient in commercial ant bait. I got this box from a local hardware.

Step 2: A Small Container.

This cap I got from a used bottle of engine Coolant. Perfect for setting the trap.

Step 3: The Delectable Delight.

Who doesn't like brown sugar? No ants that I know of. I covered the bottom of the container with sugar crystals.

Step 4: Mixing the Concoction.

I put quarter tablespoon of borax with the sugar then added water. A little mixing and all is ready.

Step 5: Setting the Trap.

Putting the trap in any convenient location will have those sugar stealing bastards, I mean ants, coming running.

Once they are fed like this for couple days they will keep ferrying poisoned food to the nest.

After a few days the colony should be in dire straits. Total genocide should occur in a week.

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