How to Complete SBC's in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

Introduction: How to Complete SBC's in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

Squad Building Challenges (also known as SBC's for short), are a relatively new addition to FIFA Ultimate Team. Many newcomers to the FIFA franchise are unfamiliar with the new mode within ultimate team. This guide is to help as many FIFA Ultimate Team players as possible, going through completing SBC's. This guide also assumes that anyone who is reading this guide, already owns the necessities to play FIFA 19. If not, the components required to play FIFA 19 are listed below.

Completing SBC's result in various rewards depending on the difficulty or requirements of the given SBC. Rewards are shown for each challenge so one can determine which SBC(s) they would like to complete, or are able to complete.

In order to stay up to date on the latest SBC's follow the EA Sports FIFA Twitter page for the latest updates on SBC's and other content.

Also important to note, this guide will be using the FIFA Ultimate Team Web App, found at

Though the Web App is being used, these same steps are very similar to the console version of FIFA 19, and the same tips apply as well.


  • (1) TV/Monitor
  • (1) Xbox One/PS4/PC
  • (1) FIFA 19
  • Internet Connection
  • (1) Xbox Live/PS Plus/Origin Subscription

Step 1: Navigate to the Squad Building Challeges Section

Assuming you are logged into Fifa Ultimate Team (on console, web app, or the companion mobile app), the first step is to navigate to the Squad Building Challenges section found on the home menu on the web app, and under the single player section on console.

This section is home to hundreds of different Squad Building Challenges. The first thing you may notice when entering the Squad Building Challenges section, is the different categories:

Favourites - Various SBC's or groups of SBC's that you can mark as "Favourite" appear in this category.

Live - Time sensitive SBC's that are released as promotions throughout the course of the game cycle.

Basic - Simple SBC's that are intended to be easy and to introduce the different techniques and different requirements used for completing SBC's.

Advanced - SBC's with increased difficulty compared to the Basic category, meant to be more challenging, but with greater rewards upon completion.

Leagues - SBC's grouped by various leagues across the world, that offer a special player reward when completed, and contain a challenge for every team in a specific league.

Icons - SBC's for individual "Icons" (highly regarded players that are no longer playing today). Each Icon has a set number of challenges to complete to receive the selected Icon.

Fut Swap Deals - SBC's that require special players obtained from objectives, and other SBC's found in the "Live" section.

Step 2: Choose the Squad Building Challenge You Want to Complete

Now this step may seem difficult to newcomers, because there are so many different variables that contribute when selecting an SBC to complete.

The best way to assess which SBC is the best to complete:

1. Browse through the SBC's to get familiar with the requirements in the various categories.

2. Look through your club to see how many players you have that could be relevant to an SBC you are thinking of completing.

3. If new to the game or you have just started, you are more likely to be limited to the "Basic" SBC's because of the limited resources in your club.

It is important to have more players at your disposal because it opens up the amount of SBC's you can complete.

Step 3: Add Players From Your Club to the Squad

Now that you have chosen an SBC to complete, you must now add players from your club into the squad (assuming you have players that fit the squad requirements).

To make sure you are adding the correct players into the SBC, there are a few tips:

1. Understand how chemistry works and how you can take advantage of the chemistry requirement in the given SBC (There are other articles or videos that explain chemistry in depth, for the purposes of this guide, we will assume that you have a basic knowledge of chemistry).

2. Click on one of the empty slots on the squad, or in the "work area" section, then click on "add player". This will bring up a few different filters for searching your club:

Quality: Type of player you are searching for, whether it be a bronze, silver, gold, or special card.

Position: Position of a player you are searching for.

Chem Style: Searches for players with a specific chem style (does not apply for SBC's, because you do not want to use players with chem styles).

Nationality: Searches for players of a specific nation.

League: Searches for players of a specific league.

Use these filters to add players relevant to the squad requirements to complete the given SBC.

3. Use the cheapest players that fill the requirements. This can be done by researching the prices of the players via the transfer market. It is important to minimize the cost of an SBC in order to maximize the reward (whether it be coins, packs, or special players).

Step 4: Complete the Squad With Missing Players

Once you have filled the squad with players from your club, you may find that you do not have every player needed for completing the requirements. In this case, there are a few methods on obtaining the remaining players:

1. Add "Concept" Players to the squad to test if certain players will fill the requirements. Concept Players are players not currently in your club, but are fillers for the squad. These are useful tools that can be used for verifying the solution to the Squad Building Challenge.

2. Once you have determined your solution to the Squad Building Challenge, purchase the remaining players via the transfer market. Note: use the filter for "Max Buy Now" to ensure you are purchasing the cheapest players on the transfer market.

Step 5: Submit the Completed Squad to Complete the SBC

Now that you have all of players and have met the squad requirement, submit the Squad Building Challenge by using the "Submit" button. Once you click on the submit button, a pop up prompts you to be sure you want to submit the squad. This is to ensure you do not submit players that you did not want to use. Click ok on this pop up, and you have successfully completed a Squad Building Challenge in Fifa 19!

Note: Squad Building Challenges range in difficulty and cost, so not every SBC is attainable for every player. To obtain a quality cost estimate for a specifc Squad Building Challenge, visit

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