Introduction: How to Configure Your Asp.Net 5 RC1 Development Environment on Linux

In this post I explain how to setup an ASP.NET 5 RC1 development environment on Linux Ubuntu 14.04 using vagrant.

Here you’ll find the vagrantfile and the provisioning script used to setup your vagrant box. You can also use the script to configure an Ubuntu 14.04 VM without using vagrant. Nevertheless I strongly recommend to use vagrant and to follow the steps depicted here.

In this instructable you find a small instruction set on how to setup your dev box but I strongly recommend you to follow the detailed explanation on my blog post:

Step 1: Install Chocolotey on Your Windows Host

First download and install chocolatey:

Install Cygwin and add the openssh through cyg-get, open a command or powershell pompt and type following commands:

choco install Cygwin

choco install cyg-get

cyg-get openssh

Step 2: Setup Virtualbox

choco install virtualbox

choco install vagrant

Step 3: Download and Setup Your Linux Base Box With Vagrant

Open a Cygwin terminal and type:$ mkdir data

$ mkdir netCoreRC1

$ cd netCoreRC1

Configure and launch your vagrant box Copy the ”Vagrantfile” and “” into the directory netCoreRC1 – you’ll find these files here:

$ vagrant up

Step 4: Install Visual Studio Code

Go to: and download Vs Code.

You’ll find the install instructions under: Once you’ve rebooted your dev box you can start experimenting with 5. A good point to get started is to use yo men (it was already installed through the provisioning step) to create an empty Asp.Net 5 app as explained here:

Have fun!