Introduction: How to Connect FM Receiver in an Amplifier Board

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Today I am going tell how can we connect any FM receiver board to an audio amplifier board.In this blog I will use CD1619 IC FM receiver board.This is old FM receiver board.

Let's get started,

Step 1: FM Receiver Board

FM Receiver board require only input power supply and it will start working.So as you can see in the picture two wires are shown in which one pair wire is of Input power supply for FM Receiver board and another pair of wire is of Output audio signal.

Basically FM receiver board receive signal and gives output through this wire.Now we will connect this wire to the amplifier board as an input audio signal then amplifier will amplify the audio signal and amplifier will play with the speaker which will be connected in the amplifier board.

NOTE : This FM Receiver board require 12V DC Input power supply.

Let's start wiring

Step 2: This Is Amplifier Board

This is 6283 IC Amplifier board.As you can see in the picture the input power supply wires and the speaker wires connected to the amplifier board.

We can connect FM receiver board to any amplifier.

Step 3: Connect Power Supply Wire of FM Receiver Board

Firstly we have to connect Input power supply wires of the FM board.

~ Solder wires by matching its polarity.Polarity must be correct.

~ Since this amplifier also require 12V DC hence I connected also the power supply wires of FM Board.

Step 4: Next Connect Audio Input Wire

Next we have to connect audio input wires to the amplifier board.As you can see in the picture.

Step 5: FM Receiver Circuit Is Ready

Now our FM Receiver circuit is ready.

Give power supply to the circuit and enjoy the musics of FM Radio receiver.

~ we can change the channels by rotating its gang.

This type we can connect FM Radio Receiver board to the amplifier board.

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