How to Connect a Werkstatt-01 to a Eurorack Module




Introduction: How to Connect a Werkstatt-01 to a Eurorack Module

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The Werkstatt-01 is an analog synthesizer kit originally created for VIP Engineer ticket holders to build during a workshop at Moogfest 2014. Last year (2017) at Moogfest they were sold for a seriously discounted price so, I scooped one up. It's compact and built to be hacked. On a dedicated website, you can find several example circuits connecting various sensors and even an Arduino to the Werkstatt-01. You can also patch the Werkstatt's CV inputs and outputs to other analog gear, which is what I am going to show you in this Instructable.

Eurorack patch cables are 3.5mm TS (tip, sleeve) cable. The tip is the signal the sleeve is ground. The female header patch on the Werkstatt only provides an input or output of signal so we need to find a ground to connect to, creating a signal to signal, ground to ground connection. To do this we will add a ground wire and create a custom cable to connect to it and the header patch bay with.

Before I start, check out the CV expander Moog offers for purchase. This is designed to convert the female headers on the Werkstatt to 3.5mm grounded jacks so you can use conventional eurorack cables. This provides the same function as the cables and grounding wire made in this Instructables. Except, the expander does not break out all of the I/Os.

This 'ible is two parts:

1) How to add a grounding wire to the Werkstatt-01

2) How to build a cable with the appropriate connectors

Step 1: Intro and Materials

The grounding wire and cable idea came from the Sweetwater demo video of the Werkstatt-01. The second video is a quick one I made of my setup showing the connection. A description of how to connect to external gear is also mentioned in the Werkstatt-01 manual .

Grounding Wire

  • Long piece of 22 (or similar) gauge solid core wire
  • Wire strippers and snips
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Small phillips-head screwdriver


  • I've broken out this into its own 'ible. Check out the materials list here.

Step 2: Strip and Cut Wire

First, we are going to add the grounding wire. To do that the front panel needs to be removed so we can get to the ground screw. Once removed, find the top left screw on the main PCB. This, plus three other screws, are connected to the ground and this is the screw we will connect out wire to. The other end of the wire will be screwed into place under the top right screw that is not connected to ground and is only there to attach the panel to the rest of the chassis. We will use that screw to run the wire all along the back so there is plenty of wire to clip cables to when patching.

Cut a piece of wire the length of the Werkstatt plus ~4". Take some wire strippers or snips and remove the insulation from the whole length.

Step 3: Wrap and Screw

Unscrew the top left screw from the main PCB just enough to curve the wire around it once. Tighten the screw back down. Bend the wire to the left out of the case opening at the corner and to the right around the back.

Step 4: Wrap and Tighten Second Screw

Bring the other end of the wire to the top panel where the top right screw is removed. Used you hand or needle-nose pliers to create a loop large enough for the screw to pass through. Pop the screw back in and tighten it down.

To keep the wire taut and towards the back, tuck t behind the corner of the top panel. Voila!

Step 5: Create Cable With Alligator, Male Header and 3.5mm Plug

This cable is simple and easy to whip up. All you need are the connectors and leads. There are different ways to do this as shown in the video from step 1.

After you create this cable and add the grounding wire you are ready to take CV in and outs using a 3.5mm plug!

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    1 year ago on Step 5

    Mini Low Pass Gate - Passive vactrol based Low Pass VCA - LPG - 0HP they are on Etsy for a fiver and there's 2 ,3.5mm ports on it you gotta get one they are perfect for stuff like this mate 👍 nice job buy the way nice and clean I did build one as well😉