How to Connect DragonBoard 410C to IBM Watson IoT Platform



Introduction: How to Connect DragonBoard 410C to IBM Watson IoT Platform

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This article will guide you to connect the Dragonboard 410C to the IBM Watson IoT Platform.

By the end of this tutorial, the board will be able to send a string to the IBM Plataform.

To send sensor data, just build a string that includes this values.

Step 1: Installing MQTT-Client Embedded C at DragonBoard 410C

Choose a device type

In this tutorial I assume that the DragonBoard 410C has alip-Linaro OS , install MQTT-Client for Embedded C in DragonBoard 410C board.

Open a terminal in 410C and type:

git clone

You ill need your github login and pass. iot-embeddedc folder will be creted.

Go inside this folder.

cd iot-embeddedc

You will notice the following structure:


MakeLists.txt LICENSE lib samples src test

Run setup:


This command will download paho mqtt and unzip it.

It will also download cJSON and unzip it.

It will copy the correct files to lib folder.

Go inside samples folder and run make.

cd samples/

Step 2: Creating an Account in IBM Watson IoT Plataform

Step 3: Fill the Form

Step 4: Check Your Email

Click in confirmation and complete the registration.

Step 5: Welcome to Bleumix

Click in create.

Step 6: Create Space

Step 7: I'm Ready!

Step 8: Create App

Step 9: Select Internet of Things Platform Starter.

Step 10: Create App Name and Host. Don't Touch Other Options

Step 11: Create the App - and We Will Use the Plataform

Step 12: Click Overview for the Dashboard.

Step 13: All Bords Are Avaliable Aut the Dashboard

Step 14: Add Device

Step 15: Create Device Name and Definition

Step 16: Fill With a Description for the Device

Step 17: Select What Is Best for Your Product

I chose Manufacturer and Model.

Step 18: Define the Selected Options

Step 19: Choose a Device Type

Step 20: Choose a Device Type

Step 21: Just to Confirm the Informations

Step 22: Don't Add Anything to Metadata

Step 23: You Don't Need to Provide a Toke

Step 24: Add Device

Step 25: Verify the Informations

Step 26: How to Configure DragonBoard 410C to Connect in IBM Watson IoT Plataform

Edit file device.cfg.

gedit device.cfg

Fill this file with the informations provided by the Watson IoT Plataform, relative to your account.





auth-token=p*dwNZZZzvUWoKKK4B ~ ~

Save this file

Execute file sampleDevice and the board will connect to Watson IoT and send string “temp = 34”. To send sensors data, for example, you just need to change this string format.

Connecting to registered service with org 6v7XXX
Publishing the event stat with rc 0

Step 27: The Dashboard Should Be Like This

Step 28: Status Displays the String Sent Using MQTT

Step 29: All Usage Can Be Monitored

This post was originally posted in portuguese in Embarcados.

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