Introduction: How to Control Any Device With Cayenne IoT

Hi! I’m

Neoxelox and I will show you how to control ANY device such as: Lamps, coffeemakers, TVs… With Cayenne IoT.

We need:

- Cayenne Account

- Male Plug

- Female Plug

- Large Wire

- Jump Wires (for the relay)

- Relay (Mine is KEYES relay)

- Ethernet Arduino Shield (Mine is W5100)

- Arduino (Obviously)

Step 1: Cut the Wire

Cut the Wire to get the copper wires

Step 2: Connect the Wire to the Male Plug

Connect any of the both Copper Wires to any of the Male Plug Connectors. Then screw it very strong and mount the Male Plug.

Step 3: Connect Copper Wires to the Relay

Connect the Wires like that;

One copper wire ---> First relay hole

Second copper wire ---> to one of the Female Plug copper wires

One of the Female Plug copper wire ---> Second relay hole

Screw it very strong!

Step 4: Connect Relay to Arduino

Connect Relay to Arduino board using Jump wires or with a breadboard.


Relay / Arduino

pin "+" ---> pin 5V

pin "-" ---> pin GND

pin "S" ----> any digital pin (mine 6)

Step 5: Connect the Arduino to the Internet and Start Using Cayenne

For this project you would need a Cayenne Account (Keep Calm is free :D)

So after doing a account at , go to your dashboard and select the relay module and modify it as you see in the picture (obviously change the digital pin to your digital pin where is the relay connected). Press "ADD".

Step 6: Finally Connect Any Device to the Female Plug

Connect ANY device you want to the Female Plug.... And its done!!!! You can control the device you connected with the cayenne app now!! Hope you like it! :D