Introduction: How to : Control Speed of Motor?

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If you have couple of DC motors lying around first question comes to mind is how will I control the speed of these motors !

So in this Instructables I will show how easy it is to do so !

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Step 1: Most Laziest Way !

If your are lazy and don't care about he power loss !

Go ahead and grab a potentiometer and you are done ! Enjoy most inefficient way of controlling the speed of DC motor.

But you can use this method only for small motors not for he MONSTER motors show in 3rd picture.

Step 2: Little Bit Efficient Way !

You can use these step up or step down module but problems is that you can either increase or decrease the speed cant stop them.

And buying there modules just for speed control is not that efficient and worth it

Step 3: Bit More Advance : PWM

Okay most efficient and best was to do so is PWM signal !

To generate PWM signal we can use arduino in my case arduino nano.

Program is very simple and self explanatory basically we are using arduino's analogWrite function for this.

Step 4: Why Don't We Use Father of All IC

We are using Arduino just for generating PWM which is kind of stupid so why not to use IC 555 for this !

There are several schematic on the google here is one example

Use any potentiometer higher than 10kohm and any n channel MOSFET

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Step 5: Thank You!

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