Introduction: How to Control Your TV, Loudspeaker and All Other IR Devices With an Arduino ?

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This sketch sends IR codes to control devices :

  • Samsung TV
  • Sony speaker system
  • LED Strip with IR receiver
  • and all other IR devices (Working with a simple IR remote control)

This sketch sends this IR code every two seconds :

  1. Turn Up the Sony loudspeaker system
  2. Turn Down the Sony loudspeaker system
  3. Change LED Strip color to Red
  4. Change LED Strip to Green
  5. Change LED Strip color to Blue
  6. Mute Samsung TV
  7. Unmute Samsung TV

Step 1: Requirements

  • IR Transmitter
    • 1 IR LED
    • 1 Arduino UNO
    • 1 mini breadboard
    • Jumpers
  • IR Receiver
    • 1 IR receiver
    • 1 Arduino UNO
    • 1 mini breadboard
    • Jumpers

Step 2: Wiring

    IR LED

    • - to GND
    • + to D3

    Step 3: Get Your IR Remote Control Codes

    1. Open Examples/IRremote/IRecvdump.ino
    2. Add IR receiver to your breadboard and run IRecvdump.ino project code in your board.
    3. Push remote buttons to show the code in your serial monitor
    4. My examples remote control codes are here: Arduino/TP2_IR_RGB_LED_strip/ir_remote_codes.txt
    5. Add your custom remote control codes in TP8_IR_Sender.ino
    6. Open your serial monitor

    Step 4: Run TP8_IR_Sender.ino Sketch