Introduction: How to Convert BMW 3 Series Sedan Halogen Headlight Stock Angel Eyes to LED

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If you have the basic trim of 2009-2001 BMW E90 3-Series sedan, you probably hate your stock dull and yellowish angel eyes a lot. Not only do you hate it, but you also cannot do anything about it because there is no such product available on the market to convert it to LED. Well, in this guide, we will show you that with some really basic modification, you can convert your 2009-2011 BMW E90 3-Series’ standard halogen angel eyes to a beautiful xenon white LED Angel Eyes.

By the way, this mod is only for the BMW E90 with basic trim’s standard halogen headlights. If your Bimmer already comes with factory HID already, then you can try our 20W CREE H8 LED BMW Angel Eyes Ring Marker Bulbs instead.

Step 1:

Remove the stock angel eye ring marker bulbs from your BMW.

Step 2:

Remove the plastic bracket from the metal housing; the plastic bracket is the only part you’ll need.

Step 3:

Use pliers to cut off all four plastic legs protruding from the plastic bracket. Please be aware that this is a permanent modification,but if you mess up you can always go to any BMW part store and buy these brackets to for about 10 dollars a pair.

Step 4:

Drill a hole on one side of the plastic bracket for the screw. You will only need to drill a hole on one side of the bracket but make sure that the new drilled hole is directly in between the original hole and the edge of the bracket.

Step 5:

Use this hole to mount the BMW LED ring marker bulb back onto the headlight. Use the hole to mount this BMW Ring Marker bulb back to the plastic bracket. Although you’ve only drilled one hole, it should be sufficient to hold the bulbs back on the bracket.

Step 6:

We mount the bracket together with the BMW Angel Eye bulb back to the headlight. You only need to put back just one screw since the other side is occupied with the screw. Again, this product is designed so that even if you put back one screw, it will still be secure. Cut off the stock harness and tap the wires to the LED ring marker bulbs (doesn’t matter which wire goes to which terminal).

Step 7:

Now we are going to test that everything works. Please be aware that the inner and outer rings aren’t of the same intensity, but that’s completely normal. The ring marker bulb is closer to the inner ring so naturally the inner ring will be brighter than the outer ring.

Step 8:

As long as you follow the instructions on switching up the halogen bulbs to the LED Angel Eyes Ring Marker bulbs, you can convert your halogen angel eyes to LED Angel Eyes with minimum modification. Again, this is a permanent modification but you can always get the parts from most BMW part stores if you want to restore it back to factory. Enjoy your new BMW LED Angel Eyes.