Introduction: How to Convert Most Video Files Into MP4 Using XMedia Recode

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A big problem I always have is this:

"I have a really important video file saved and I need to do some minor editing, but the program I wish to use won't accept it's file format! What do I do!?"

Well, you've come to the right place, darling. In this simple instrucable, I will show you step by step how to convert most video files into the most common of video formats, MP4, and all for the cool price of free! Pretty exciting, right? Let's begin! 

Step 1: Download XMedia Recode

The first step is really quite simple. If you don't have XMedia Recode, simply download it here. Accept the Terms and Conditions and proceed with the step by step installation process onscreen. It's real simple, and no worries, it won't download any unwanted toolbars! Although the Terms are in German, it's no biggie. It is, after all, the country this originated from, but no worries, the initial program is English. 

Step 2: Open Your Video File

That Video you wanted to convert? It's time for it to shine! Once you open XMedia, select the "Open File" button to choose your file. Locate it, and make sure the file is going where you need it to go. From here, select the format in the Format tab. You will want to keep the Profile, above the Format selector, at Custom. In this case, select MP4, and hit the "Add Job" button once you are ready. 

Step 3: Encode It!

All you need to do now is hit the Encode button, sit back, relax and wait for your video to convert! And you're done! You did it!