Introduction: How to Convert Text to Audio Using Notepad!!

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This Instructable will show you how to convert text into audio using notepad

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Step 1: Open Notepad

1. Open the Start Menu

2. Type Notepad in the Search Bar

3. Click on Notepad to Open it

Step 2: Type Line #1

1. Type Dim message, sapi

2. Press Enter

Step 3: Type Line #2

1. Type message = InputBox("A Best Text to Audio converter"+vbcrlf+"From -","Text to Audio converter")

2. Press Enter

Step 4: Type Line #3

1. Type Set sapi = CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")

2. Press Enter

Step 5: Type Line #4

1. Type sapi.Speak message

Step 6: Save Note

1. Go to file

2. Select Save or Save As

  • Instead of going to file and selecting save or save as, you can just simply press Ctrl + S on the keyboard

3. Backspace the file name

4. Type in the name of the note

5. add .vbs to the end

6. Click Save

7. Close notepad

Step 7: Open Note

1. Open File Explorer/Windows Explorer

  • If you have Windows 7 or earlier, it will be called Windows Explorer
  • If you have Windows 8 or 10, it will be called File Explorer

2. Go to Documents

3. Look for the note you just created

4. Right click on the note

5. Select Open

  • This will open the Text to Audio converter

Step 8: Type Words

1. Type whatever you want your computer to say

2. Click Ok

3. Listen to your computer say what you just typed