How to Cook Bread on a Stick

Introduction: How to Cook Bread on a Stick

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Fire building and campfire cooking are hands down our favourite outdoor activities. Everyone loves cooking on a fire, and cooking bread on a stick couldn’t be simpler.

Our top tips for cooking bread on sticks

It is best to use a freshly cut stick for cooking over a campfire. Not only will you then know what wood you are using, but the greenness of the wood will reduce the risk of it catching fire.

Hazel and Ash are excellent choices for cooking on, whereas Yew, Elder, Holly, Elm and Rhododendron are all toxic and should be avoided. Removing the bark from the area of the stick that you will be cooking on will give you a clean surface to cook on.

To make things even simpler when cooking out in the wilds measure all the dry ingredients into bags before you leave the house then just just need to mix in the water when you are ready to cook.

Need a gluten free option?

In the photo above you will see one portion of bread which looks very white (about 10 O'clock) This portion was made using gluten free flour. The gluten free flour makes a much softer dough which doesn't have the same elastic properties as regular dough. To help the dough stick we coated the stick with honeyand then pressed the dough around it which worked a treat!


To make one portion of bread.

• 1/2 Cup Self-Raising Flour

• 1 Tbsp Dried Milk

• 1 Tsp Sugar

• 1/4 Cup Water (Approx)

Optional extras include Salt, Herbs, Cinnamon and dried fruit and nuts.

Step 1:

Making bread on a stick couldn't be simpler.

Measure out the dry ingredients into bags before you leave the house then mix in the water when you are ready to cook.

Roll the dough into a sausage shape about as thick as an adult thumb.

Twist the dough around the end of a freshly cut stick where you have removed the bark, leaving space between the coils for the bread to expand as it cooks.(As shown in the photo above).

Step 2:

Cook over the embers of a fire, frequently turning until golden brown and the bread has a hollow sound when you tap it.

Once cooked, the bread should be easy to remove from the stick by twisting it and pulling it off.

Step 3:

Cooking bread on a stick is a fab activity for all ages and a great way to bring people together!

You can find lots more nature-based crafts, willd food recipes and outdoor activities over our blog.

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