How to Cook Jamaican Jerk Turkey




Introduction: How to Cook Jamaican Jerk Turkey

Wha gwon mon?
We're Going to show you how to cook a turkey - AuthenticJamaican Jerk Style
When you are done, it should look like this picture and it will be Juicy, spicy and the aroma will make your mouth water :) 
What makes this authentic, is the use of Pimento Wood and leaves. These are from the Pimento Tree -(Jamaican Allspice Tree)

Step 1-
Marinate your bird. Find your favorite jerk marinade sauce or recipe. We recomend "SPUR TREE JERK SEASONING" 
you can order it by clicking here:  Order Spur Tree
Or, here's a link to my personal recipe: Secret Jerk Recipe

 Rub the bird inside and out. If you want to inject the bird, You can add a bit of soya sauce to thin it. Try to get a good amount of marinade under the skin.

Cover and refrigerate at least overnight or up to 24 hours

Step 1: Prepare Your Grill

Both charcoal and gas grills will work just fine.

Step 2: Soak Pimento Wood Chips

Soak the Pimento Wood chips in water for at least 20 minutes.

Step 3: Soak Pimento Leaves in Water

Soak the Pimento Leaves in water.
Pimento Leaf is the Leaf from the Jamaican Allspice Tree. It carries the essential oils of the tree and has an abundance of flavor. They are similar in strength to Bay Leaves. In fact, pimento leaves are a great substitution for, and tastes much better than bay leaf.

Step 4: Soak Pimento Wood Sticks

Soak Pimento Wood Sticks in water.
Cooking on top of pimento wood is an ancient method of cooking and flavoring. The theory goes:
Meat cooks on wood,
meat heats up,
juices drip down onto wood,
wood heats up,
juices / drips evaporate along with wood flavor  
Flavors rises back up into meat

This is similar to the modern style of  "Plank Grilling"  - Pimento Wood Plankscan be used instead of the sticks

Step 5:

Prepare your grill for In-Direct or Offset Cooking:
The heat on one side of grill and the food on the other. If you have a gas grill, turn off burners on one side. See Picture.
This style allows you to cook "Low and Slow" = lower temperature for a longer period of time allows for absorbing more smoke and yields a moister meat.

Step 6: Wrap Wood Chips in Foil

Wrap the wood chips tightly in foil and poke small holes in foil. 
The holes should be big enough to let smoke escape but not so big as to let air in to cause fire.

Step 7: Place Pouch on Grill

Directly on coals or  directly above gas burner. Or, You cn use a smoker box if you have one.

Step 8: Bed of Leaves

Place a bed of leaves on the Non Heat side of the grill

Step 9: Stick on Top of Leaves

PLace soaked sticks on top of leaves to form a wooden cooking grate.

Step 10: Place Meat on Sticks

Place the marinated turkey on top of the Pimento wood sticks. You can use a wire grate underneath turkey for ease of moving and turning later.

Step 11: More Leaves in Water

Place a shallow water pan with a few more Pimento leaves directly above the heat. This will add a flavorful steam for cooking and keeping the meat moist,  plus, the added  moisture helps to regulate the temp of the grill.  Try to keep the pan from drying out during the cook. 

Step 12: Cook at 250 - 275

Let er smoke : Cook  at 250 -  275 about 30 Min per pound. 

Step 13: Add More Chips + Rotate

After about 2 hours, add another package of soaked Pimento Wood Chips. Rotate the bird clockwise every hour or so.

Step 14: Baste

Baste with your favorite liquid - I love to use red stripe beer.

Step 15: Use a Meat Thermometer ! 165 Degrees

Use a meat thermometer. Check the temp in the thigh nearest to breast. Turkey is done @ 165 degrees. 

Step 16: Carve It Tup Mon !

I serve with peas and rice and hard dough bread. Enjoy the feast !
Ye Mon 

Step 17: Watch a Video - Jerk Chicken on Gas Grill

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