How to Cook Scrambled Eggs in 90 Seconds

Introduction: How to Cook Scrambled Eggs in 90 Seconds

The other week while on holiday I was thinking of way you could cook a hot breakfast with only a toaster and a microwave.

Here’s the answer.

This is an easy breakfast you can cook in a hotel or in your student dorm.

Step 1: To Start You’ll Need a Glass.

Crack an egg straight into the glass. You can use more than

one egg but if you do it will affect the texture of your scrambled eggs

Step 2: Beat the Eggs With a Fork, Make You Fully Combine the Yolk and Egg Whites.

Step 3: Set the Microwave to One Minute and 30 Second and a Total of 90 Seconds.

Place the glass in the middle of the microwave and hit start.

Step 4: As the Eggs Cook the Hot Air Will Push the Egg Towards the Top of the Glass, This Helps the Eggs to Be Fluffy.

Step 5: Once the Microwave Is Finish, Carefully Remove the Glass

A word of warning, it will be really hot so be careful.

Step 6: Serve on Bread And…

Step 7: There You Have It! Scrambled Eggs in 90 Seconds!

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    5 years ago

    Works great. When I do this, I give the eggs a vigorous stir with a fork at about 50 seconds and then cook another 30 or so. I find doing this eliminates undercooked runny bits. Everyone should note that microwaves vary so a little experimenting might be needed to get the time right so as to avoid overcooking.


    5 years ago

    how big (height & # of ounces/ml) is the glass? Thanks!