How to Cook Tartes ? (Fried Potatoes With Cinnamon)

Introduction: How to Cook Tartes ? (Fried Potatoes With Cinnamon)

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Today, I am going to show you how to cook Tartes. Tartes means "TARçınlı pataTES" in Turkish. It means fried potatoes with cinnamon spice. As you know, when potatoes are fried, ketchup and mayonnaise is used as sauces. But both ketchup and mayonnaise are unhealty because of its ingredients, acidies and glicoses. Also fried potatoes are unhealthy but when you want to eat, do not use ketchup or mayonnaise, use cinnamon to get delicious taste! Cinnamon helps your fried potatoes get delicious. When I fried my potatoes, I prefer cinnamon as a spice not salt.

The need list:

1. Potatoes

2. Sunflower oil

3. Paper towel

4. Spoon

5. Cinnamon

6. Plate

7. Knife

8. Bread board

9. Saucepan or deep-fryer

Step 1: Prepare Your Kitchen

This instructable is quite the same with fried potatoes, so you can do what you want. I mean, you can cut potatoes lime-by-lime, cube-by-cube, or an apple slice style.

After you cut, get them fried in sunflower oil as usual. After potatoes are fried, take them to the plate which includes a paper towel under them to take waste oil from potatoes.

Step 2: Result: Ta Da!

Check the picture, now you are done with your fried potatoes, add cinnamon for them as a spice and taste delicious potatoes ever!

Bonus: Calamary (squid) can be added, it accepts cinnamon.

That's all !

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