Introduction: How to Cook Texas Style Whole Beef Brisket

When cook perfectly brisket is one of the best BBQ meats. This is a 10 to 12-hour cook, So the key to a great brisket is fire management, time and patience.

I'm going to be cooking an 8kg whole brisket for 12 hours on the offset smoker. I normally get up around 4 am for a brisket cook, so I can serve dinner at about 7 pm.

Step 1: Light a Chimney of Charcoal.

You want to bring your pit up to a temperature of around 250f or 121c

Step 2: Now the Pit Is Warming Up, It's Time to Prep the Brisket.

This brisket doesn't need too much trimming. Start by removing the large piece of fat that sits on the edge of the flat and the point, this is called the deckle. It is never going to render down, make sure to cut out most of it.

I also removed the point on the flat, don't throw this away because it makes a good treat while cooking and it's also a good indicator of how the cook is going.

Trim the thicker bits of fat but leave a thin layer, this helps with keeping the brisket moist and renders down adding flavour.

Turn the brisket over and trim off any large bits of fat.

Step 3: Once You Feel Like You've Trim Enough It's Time to Make the Rub.

Texas style has an extremely simple rub. In a small bowl add black pepper and then the same amount of salt.

Mix together and there you have it!

Step 4: Coat the Top of the Brisket With an Even Amount of the Rub.

Don't over do it because you want to strike a balance between the salt and pepper and the natural flavor of the beef.

Turn over the brisket and coat with the rub.

This brisket is ready to go!

Step 5: Continue to Maintain Your Fire, Add Wood to the Charcoal.

I'm using blue gum, it has a similar taste to post oak which is hard to come by here in Australia.

Step 6: Now the Pit Is Sitting Around 250f or 121c It's Time to Add the Brisket.

Place the "point" end towards to the fire box, this will protect the flat from over cooking.

Close the pit and do not open for the first 3 hours, these are the most important, in this time the meat with take most of the smoke flavour and set you up for a good cook.

Check your temps every 20 minutes adding charcoal or wood when needed. The skill is to find the right balance of adding enough fuel so the temp doesn't spike or drop to low.

Step 7: After 3 to 4 Hours Open the Pit.

This brisket is taking on a beautiful colour. It still nice and moist.

Close up for another hour.

Check the brisket, it's coming along nicely but is losing a little bit of moisture.

In a spray bottle I've added some watered down apple cider vinegar, it helps to keep the brisket moist and also add flavour.

Repeat this step every 45 minutes.

Step 8: At About the 8 Hour Mark It's Time to Wrap.

You can use foil or butchers paper, either way, this will help to lock in flavor and help the brisket to finish rendering.

Spray the foil before placing the brisket in the middle, give the brisket one last spray and warp in the foil.

Cook for 4 more hours.

Step 9: At the About the 12 Mark It Should Be Ready to Go.

You can measure but I find that with brisket everyone has a different finishing temp so I go by touch.

The brisket should easily bend on the flat and feel soft on the point.

Take off the pit and let it rest for at least an hour.

If you find it is finished to early wrap in towels and place in an esky with the lid on.

This will kept it warm for at least 4 hours but the brisket can continue you to cook so be careful.

Step 10: This Brisket Is Looking Amazing. It Has a Great Bark and Colour.

Time to slice up this brisket, start with the flat cutting pencil think slices.

Make sure to cut smoothly so you don't break apart the meat.

Step 11: Now Find Where the Point Starts and Slice.

The grain on the point runs the other way, so turn and slice.

Step 12: There You Have It!

Delicious, tender and packed full of flavour Texas style beef brisket.

This takes time and practice to get right but when you get it right this meat is to die for.

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