Introduction: How to Cook With No Stove

Hello my name is Hannah Nili and I am going to show you how to cook with no stove, gas, or electricity. This is a very easy and simple solution that anyone could build so if you want to learn then just keep on reading!

Step 1: Saving Money

If you don't have enough money to buy a stove this is perfect for you! It is a bag that can be reused and you only need a heat pack to heat it up so you just put your food in the bag for 10 to 15 minutes later and your food should be ready! In my opinion I think this is a very good way to heat up food and save money because you only need a heat pack to heat it up which costs $1.00 at least and my product would cost at least $15.00!

Step 2: How to Use It.

How to use my product is by simply putting a heat pack in the back and it will light up the heat source and the top where you put your food in should start heating up. So when it get hot enough to your liking, you should put your food inside and it should cook. When it is completely finished cooking you simply take the food out with a mitten and it should be ready!

Step 3: What You Need to Make It!

What you need to make this is as follows:

1. A felt pouch that can sustain heat

2. A heat pack

3. A cooking bag

4. Foil

5. And lastly, your food

Step 4: How to Put Everything Together

First take your cooking bag and put the food that you want to warm up inside the felt pouch.

Next, put your heat pack inside the felt pouch.

Lastly, put your cooking bag with the food inside of it into the felt pouch and close the felt pouch with the buttons and wait 10-15 minutes for your food to cook.

Step 5: How to Make It

First off, take your felt pouch and put you heat pack inside. Then, put your food inside a cooking bag and put the cooking bag inside the pouch and then your masterpiece is ready to use!

Step 6: Reflection

I have learned form this project that not everything will go planned. I am very ecstatic about what I invented because this will help people that can not afford a stove can still warm up food instead of eating it cold!